Mac Sonoma - Engine DJ Issue

Morning all,

I’ve just moved to Mac from Windows, and it’s taking some getting used to. Apart from a few issues with Soundswitch which i’m working on (fairly sure it’s user error) i’m having an issue with Engine.

Previously, with windows, i would download new music every week, put it into a folder on my USB, and then drag and drop that folder into the correct place in Engine, and it would analyse the files and all would be well. I don’t seem to be able to do the same thing on Mac. When i drag the folder across, which is a folder containing a folder, containing music, the first folder appears, but with no folder inside it. Side note, i created a playlist to see if that would appear, which it did, and now i can’t remove it (right click, remove, nothing happens.)

Is there a different way to do it on Mac, or is it just misbehaving?

I’m wondering now if its a format problem… as the rest of the files were put on in Windows, would that be why it isn’t playing ball?

Sonoma isnt supported yet Gav so that could be the issue, but its likely to be something else. What format is the USB drive? it needs to be FAT32 ideally.

I think it was FAT32 when i initially formatted it on PC mate, if i remember right it had to be then as well. So i assume PC and Mac both use the same formatting types then?

Not all, FAT is the common format between the platforms, so it should work. You may need to set some setting like ‘show internal folders’ to see them.

Very odd. Literally just does nothing when i drag and drop it in. Is that the same way everyone else adds new music to Engine?

I’m just trying to iron out this Soundswitch issue and then i’ll take a look at it in more detail. For whatever reason SS wasn’t saving my autoscripting (which i had to start all over again!) But fingers crossed its looking promising this time, the files in Engine are populating with the dots in the SS column now so hopefully this time it will work!

The drag and drop gesture is how it’s done.

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Thanks for that Mufasa,

I have now enabled full disk access for Engine DJ, although Soundswitch was already enabled.

Previously on Windows, when i have exported my project, i have done it from Soundswitch, as i am autoscripting three USBs at once and then saving that into a folder on one of them, which i can then direct Engine Lighting to on my Prime 4.

If i try and export using sync manager on Engine DJ, it wants to export all of the audio files onto one USB, which isn’t possible because i’m then trying to export around around 670gb of audio plus Soundswitch data onto one 256Gb USB.

My third USB should finish scripting in the next few hours, so hopefully it’ll be third time lucky for exporting the soundswitch lighting data :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:t2:

I thought so, odd that it’s not working… although Mufasa’s reply may have been the reason why. Once i’ve dealt with soundswitch i will try again!