Low output on channel 4 of SC Live 4

Out of nowhere, even though the gains and everything are set properly / even across all four channels, channel 4 itself, does not give the output of the other three channels.

Weirdest thing I have seen. It really messed with my set last night.

Can’t figure it out.

My initial thought was maybe it was due to the cross fader position but it looks like channel 4 is on thru-put. Maybe play with the cross fader switches then reset them all to Thru, centre the fader and try again. My second thought was that, I think the Prime 4 uses channel 4 for the sampler, not sure how that works exactly but maybe the sampler volume could be set low. But then I’m pretty sure the SC Live 4 is wired differently anyway.

Re-initiated the firmware update, even though it was already updated and played with all the bells and whistles and knobs and switches, and it still has this weird anomaly.

Interesting. I’ll test the one out am here at work.

I have an issue with a looped delay on the mic so I’m trying to get to the bottom of that.

Can the sliders be replaced or just cleaned j wonder. Only 90 days old so shouldn’t be dirty.

You can get some contact cleaner that gives it a once-over. Obviously use at your own risk.

A few years back I bought some de-Oxit and worked a treat for a crackly fader on an old Pioneer mixer.

Thanks for the tip. I’m eventually gonna have to get some warranty work first because it’s only 90 days old. And I have an extended warranty as well.

I’ve had pretty much the same issue with the channel 4 fader too. Though when I blew hard into the fader it fixed it.

It does seem to come back every now and again though, so I am thinking I may need to take up the warranty if it continues…

i lost channel 2 completely the other day,then I blew in the channel and it got better.

Guess I need to get some compressed air and see if it is something simple like this.

i had this unit replaced. then the next one had glitches. now the 3rd one is doing crazy things.

I have a support ticket opened. also seeing that other users report same issues. there is a reddit thread on that.