Loosing my mind

I have partitioned my hard drive which wouldn’t allow itself to be turned into fat and formatted the new half to fat . I have downloaded the drivers for prime 4 and have engine prime up and running I have connected the lead tapped computer mode icon the computer connects but no pop down appears and engine prime has no sign of a connection to the prime 4 however when I eject the drive it tells me that it’s ejecting the prime 4 screen so I have no idea what to do next and I have spent hours trying to sort this all because I need to edit most of my bpms of the vinly I recorded to my ssd in the prime 4 and can’t change them using the prime 4 only which is driving me insane I’m hoping that I haven’t got to get a new laptop as I won’t even know that is going to sort the issue or I may be in the same position as it could be something I’m doing wrong and I don’t really want to have 2 laptops if there is a solution to this Please help

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