Looping Bug?

Just wondered if someone could confirm this bug for me.

I have a track setup with 8 loops. These are just clean drum loops that can be overlaid on other tracks or help in the transition from one to another. I just noticed that loop 8 only plays once and the track stops if the end of the loop and the end of the track are at the same point. The loop still shows as engaged but the track just stops.

This really feels like a bug.

What happens when You shorten the loop end for one or couple of miliseconds before the end?

The loop works as it should as it isn’t at the end of the track. This is why I see it as a bug.

Well, this looks like it should get attention from developers. They could tell more maybe about it and how it is programmed to work. From Your observation, it looks like the end of the track is primary to other functions.

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