Looking for a Denon Prime set to buy

Hi guys, I’m looking to buy a Denon Prime set with x2 SC5000’s and a X1800. Has anyone here got any they are looking to sell or where in Europe has the best price to buy a set.

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I’m planning to sell my set as soon as the 6Ks are out. :blush: But I’m in Denmark.

Okay, how much would you look to sell the set for including shipping to Ireland?

Well I hope that I can get around 2000/2200 £ for the full set here in DK. I still have the boxes and all, so it would not be a problem to send - but dont know the price for sending such a ‘pack’ to Ireland… (insuerance and all)

Ye that’s my only concern too, how much it will cost to ship. Is there anyway I can keep in contact with you about this through email or something else ?

You can just send me a pm directly here :blush:

I dont know price for shipping, but will need an adress to find out (tried DHL’s site)

But you are welcome to send me a pm. Who knows, maybe you find something faster.

Just checkes with Dublin as a destination, with DHL.

Around 400 £ for shipping :scream::scream::scream: Sounds crazy… Must be possible to make cheaper than that somehow if we get to that point someday. :thinking:

Use a courier comparison company.

Don’t buy directly from UPS or DHL.

Here I use parcel2go.com

I get solid rates from all the major companies and some independent ones as well.

Thanks my friend.:pray:

Will check it :blush:

I’ve got a pair of SC5000’s with Deck savers and original boxes. These have never been used on the road and have been little used. They are in as new condition. I am in the UK in Berkshire. Only reason for sale would be to buy the SC6000’s


I regularly move stuff from one European (usually) country to another due to my day job. I can tell you that shipping rates are crazy high at the moment .

I use parcel2go as well as the poster above and it’s a great service. You type in width / height / length and weight and when you want to it to get there like next day, three day, 7 days away etc

I spoke with parcels2go a week ago when I was trying to send some more things and the prices were Badly mixed up. Like it was cheaper to send things next day, than it was to send the same thing on a 3 day send - usually it’s cheaper the longer you can wait. When I spoke to them they said that at the moment corona is keeping many planes on the ground so air freight space is like gold. Normally air freight is also sold onto passenger planes, so any spare room that passengers don’t take up with Their baggage is used by air freight carriers - but there’s hardly any planes carrying passengers currently so that’s contributing too.

When corona fades away, the air freight prices should drop - so that 400 quote you got might be artificially corona’d.

You might even find it’s cheaper to get quotes for a pallet move of thing, even if it’s only three boxes cling-filmed to a pallet. But cheap isn’t the big concern there. Pallets are moved by fork lifts and pallet trucks which really don’t give a fluff about what’s on the pallet - not so good for electricals

Ye that is completely understandable I didn’t think of taking that into account at the moment. Thank you very much for bring that to light for me, it just means that now I’ll probably have to wait a lot longer than I had hoped to get equipment.

Like I also said - I found the price expensive, so had to be possible to find a cheaper solution than DHL. :blush: