Link speed for file sharing

Hey guys, I have an SSD drive hooked to one of my two SC5000. I use the track preview function a lot while searching for my next track. It is very quick to start the preview on the deck with the SSD connected. The preview lags a bit on the other deck. My question is: will previewing be faster if i read an mp3 file versus a large wav file? Thanks!

I cannot answer your question, but you could try it yourself by timing the preview of a large wav file, and timing the preview of the same file but converted to a low-quality mp3

good idea, i’ll try.

Was hoping to get an answer from Denon DJ. When clicking preview, does the whole file need to be first transferred through link to the memory of the other unit?

Holy cow I’ve had these things for a year and had no idea that there was a track preview option on the players themselves lololol

@marcusgalvan it was not available a year ago. It was introduced with the last firmware update I think.

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