Line out to another PC for streaming

Hello everyone. I’ve had the MCX 8000 for 6 months now and I love it. I have one question though that is driving me mad. I need to connect up to another laptop to stream a live dj set. What is the most effective way of doing this? I use a Macbook for Serato but I’m using a Windows laptop for streaming. My laptop only has a headphone socket by the way. Thanks in advance.

You’ll want to have another external interface plugged into your win laptop so you can capture the output from the MCX8000. Those integrated audio chipsets on laptops are (usually) rubbish.

Good news is that it doesn’t need to be anything special, something like Behringer UCA202 will do just fine.

Alternatively, you can try using your mac for streaming and try to capture the MCX8000 master/rec USB channel in your streaming software.

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Thank you so much Slay. I’ll order the UCA202 today. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Guess I am too late (unless you can return the Behringer) for my bit of advice. But just in case …

Personally I have too many bad moments with Behringer gear to ever want to own any of it (with a few notable exceptions, but most of those are not very relevant for DJs). But that is - again - just me.

More importantly, for what you want to achieve, I’d seriously consider getting an AG-series mixer from Yamaha. It will do all you need and a few things more. It’s actually marketed as a webcasting/multi-purpose mixer, it’s USB-powered, comes with an LE version of CuBase (nice for recording your sets and doing some post-production), let’s you hook up one or more mics and even keyboard/guitar and all in a VERY compact box. And at a price point that - imho - makes just buying a simple external sound interface a very ineffective option.

My 2 cents as usual.