Library preparation advice.

Hello, I am a mobile DJ who specializes in Weddings but do some other odd gigs too. I just purchased a Prime 4, a Prime 2, and 2 Prime Gos (backups). I always carried an extensive library of music and videos…over 220k. After going through my track history in VDJ over the last decade I really only played approx 4100 tracks. I want to setup my library to contain those 4100 tracks and only add what is necessary for each event. Should I add my entire library to Engine Prime then make playlists for the tracks I want to put on the SD cards. OR should I only pull those 4100 tracks in?

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I would add the 4100 tracks only. Keeping it ‘clean’ and ‘lean’ will improve performance and searching.

  1. If your main music collection is in an external drive, you can also run it through EP. You dont need to do anything special to it (hell i will even skip analyzing the tracks). Just add the files to Engine Prime like you would do. Engine Prime will create a database on the drive.
  2. Now export your 4100 to a portable SSD or USB stick - this will be your main stick for your events
  3. If at any point, you feel a gig may need your entire 220k songs, you can plug that same collection drive to the prime players and because of that database engine prime created the 220k drive can also be used just like a thumb drive

or you could stick with your 4100 and sub to Tidal. I did a wedding this weekend and mostly used tidal with the venues wifi :sweat_smile:

I was taking requests left and right, i didnt even bother to search my own collection for many of the requests.

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Hey mufasa, I think I remember you from the old forum days…maybe djforums… I do subscribe to Tidal with a wifi hotspot built into each console…just in case. Plus my iPad running Djay with its own 4G (Different carrier again just in case). I just wasn’t sure if it was faster to build playlists using Engine Primes searches…rather than searching through Finder and dragging and dropping one track at a time.

I’m also a mobile DJ and I like to have my complete music library with me. As a mobile DJ you never know exactly what you’ll be playing upfront. My library is only 20k songs large and I have them on a 1TB SSD drive which I might install inside the Prime. I also carry a second hard drive, which has an exact copy of the SSD drive, as backup should the SSD fail for some reason.

Obviously, 220k songs might be a different story. That is quite huge and I don’t know what the performance will be on a Prime device which such a large DB. So you are probably better off building a drive, and a backup drive, with the 4100 songs.

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I am not looking to take the entire library on the road. I just didn’t know if the the Prime Engine software on my iMac should have all the songs, or just the ones I am looking to put on the devices.