Language Search

One of my transitions xz to denon prim 4 was because I did not need a computer on the keyboard I was missing Language Search in Hebrew Please who did I turn to? This is my job every day and the lack of language search is a big problem for me. Please, I am asking for urgent help.

And another question Will there be DDJ-XP2 support?

denon prime 4 add sampler It is possible or not

Thank you very much for everything

Ddj xp2 is not a denon product, so It is impossible to get official support for it. For sampler - there is a feature request - search for it and give it Your vote.

The answer you gave me does not satisfy me thank you very much

I wasn’t giving a satisfaction answer, I just gave You the truth, that is possible now. No sampler on the device, but if You want it to eventually get there - find the feature request and give it Your vote. It can’t be more simple in this moment.

Yes i’m used Akai mpx 16…really good