Key Not Showing in Denon Prime 4

Hi I am new to Denon DJ and quiet new to MP3 Standalone gear. I have used RekordBox using a XDJ RX2 and now I have got myself a Denon Prime 4. I have a question regarding the Key feature.

I can only see which looks like a Camalot key rather than the normal key that you find in Rekordbox like DM.

Is there a option where I can have the DM key rather than the Camalot that is displayed in the info section.

I know if I go into the actual track I can see the key therem but I would much rather have it showing without having to do that.

Thanks in advance


There’s a choice of four key display types in both the desktop software and the Prime hardware. Details in the manuals for both products.

Thank you. This post has just been authorized by the host, and earlier I found one video on YouTube explaining how to do change the key. Panic over.

Once again thanks.