Key mixing feature question

This is kind of a question about the Prime 4 so is kind of in the wrong forum sector but is also about my/our SC5000 models too.

We have been showed that the Prime 4 will find out the musical harmony key of the track you are playing and then when you cue up the next track to play, the Prime 4 will change the music sound key of the new track so that it is in harmonically sympathy with the already playing track.

My question is, is this just fully automatic with just an on off option or does the screen offer you a choice of music keys that will be sympathetic to the key of the playing track?

Also is there a manual mode if I just want to force a track to play in a key to be different from its normal key?

Also will the answers to the above questions be the same for the Prime 4 and the SC5000 when used with a X1800 mixer, which I use with my SC5000 pair.

There is a video out with your anwers, and from what i can see the answer to your question is yes.

Your SC5000s already shows you the key and worth mentioning that if you have key lock off and you change the tempo, you will see the change in the key also.

The new feature for the Prime 4, (which we’ve already been told will be available for the SC5000/M), will allow you to change the key without having to changing the tempo. Looking at the video shows you have control over this on the display and will not be forced on you.

It will be a great new add-on.

This is a feature of the player (play back manipulation) and has nothing to do with your mixer at all.

Thanks for the responds everyone who did.

I had seen the video but the bouncy performing videos don’t seem to go deep into any feature.

I hope the two SC5000 that I own / we own will have the same music key functions as the prime 4 even with the smaller screen sizes