Key changes when loading track

Hi, I have noticed after last update, sometimes you choose a track, you load it and notice the Key changes from the Key shown in playlist. Then later, during playback of track, towards the middle/end of track, the key updates on deck player and turns the same key of playlist again. This happened to me many times , while playng my last couple of live sets. It really is annoying because you never know if you are really playing the correct Key or not. Has Anyone experienced this issue?

Cheers, Renato

Does this issue occur on Engine DJ Desktop or engine OS? As you entered the message in the part reserved for the computer version, but then you mentioned the “live set” which is impossible to do with Engine DJ Desktop.

Looks like You have a key sync ON

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You’re right. I have now changed to Hardware section. thanx

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Mate, I mixed since the 90’s, no SYNC needed! :wink:

Key sync is a different thing. Read first.


Or he has probably turned off the KEY LOCK button, so when he does the pitch change, he also gets the current harmonic key display.

@renmachado Can you check if the KEY LOCK button on your decks are on? I refer to these buttons:


Hi, nice tip! Thanx! I had Key Lock off in deck1 and haven’t noticed it…