Jumping up two updates in one ? Can I?

I’ve had my x1800 and SC5000 for about 18 months and they are on original firmware. I didn’t install the firmware for either model a year ago.

Can I just download the latest firmware for both the x1800 and the sc5000 and latest engine Prime and install those latest files from last week into the players, mixer and my home pc or do I have to load last years firmwares first, then last weeks, etc all in gentle small steps?

I think you can, but you must do this with USB cable on a PC or Mac. You cannot use the flashdrive/SD-card option if your on the very old versions.

I’d always prefer to push the firmware in from a computer instead of just a usb memstick.

I was more worried about any of the changes that I’d read about with the way engine Prime formats or holds the database.


Update via computer resets preferences as far as I know. Via flash drive is easier, retains prefs and is less faulty.

And removes OS issues.

“Less faulty” covers that issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @DJ_Didi, yes I can confirm it’s fine to jump a firmware update to get to the latest.

Regards J

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