Join PRIME 4 v1.4 Public Beta Today!

PRIME 4 v1.4 Public Beta

Denon DJ invites you to take part in the next evolution of DJ technology and performance workflow - Streaming music for the FIRST TIME EVER on standalone hardware, our PRIME 4.

  • SC5000 & SC5000M coming very soon.
  • Additional streaming services will be available in forthcoming updates.

The latest 1.4 Firmware beta for PRIME 4 not only unlocks internet (Wi-Fi, and Ethernet), but also connects to TIDAL’s HiFi music streaming service - direct from PRIME 4, with no laptop!

Our goal with this public beta is to collaborate with users and collect feedback to ensure the forthcoming release provides the best possible user experience.

To show our appreciation, and to assist with beta testing, we’re giving all Denon DJ SC5000, SC5000M, & PRIME 4 owners 3 free months of TIDAL HiFi access!

All you have to do is register your product on our website to unlock your code. If you’ve already registered, login and view “My Registered Products” to see the recently added promotional code.

Once you have your code, click here to redeem!

Click Here Access PRIME 4 v1.4 Beta


Hey guys! This is great to see you releasing a public beta! But where’s the download? Am I missing it? Thanks!


Thought I needed new glasses… :wink: Can’t find the beta download too.

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I’m not seeing the download link either.

I must be blind as well, I find no link :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Guys,

Link will be added momentarily! We had an issue with our server but it has been resolved.

Just a couple mins :wink:


keep us posted here please :stuck_out_tongue:

Links are back up! :grin:


can you put a direct link here?

I would suggest following the above link to the Beta section to keep the discussion in the right topic/area :wink:


and we still cant record our sets smoothly … :frowning:

This comment is completely off topic. If you have an issue or concern please raise it in the appropriate area. Thank you.

How long is the beta expected to run for? I guess maybe it depends on number of issues reported and how long they take to put right, but was just wondering roughly when the public release of the new functionality is likely to come? Thanks.

Hi @paulmu,

Great question! The beta program timeframe will depend on the feedback collected from those testing. Ideally, it would go on for 2-4 weeks but don’t quote me on that :wink:

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@JWiLL Great, good to know, thank you :grinning:

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At first … Wooooooooho!

I am spaced - and that only at 1 hour playing with the beta. I have had my Tidal acount, and glad, my account is also compatible with your firmware. All my playlists - artists - favs on my fingertips … Better as my well sorted HD. I think - HDD will now only be my backup, if streaming will not be available.

Big thanks to Denon, that you have made this possible. It works like charm (And it feels so much faster than the 1.3.2 Firmware)

You search a title - baaaam - there it is … downloaded in a few seconds … analized … and boom!

LOVE LOVE LOVE and more LOVE to DENONDJ Team! You are the greatest - it´s like x-mas now :heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes::+1:


Hey @DJDark,

Super happy to hear you’re enjoying the beta so far!

Yes - the speed improvement are great!!

PRIME Series Media players will be the gifts that keep on giving for a long while to come :christmas_tree::gift::grin: