Jog Wheel problem - Prime 4

Hi guys

I’ve had my prime 4 for just over a month and I only got round to using it properly this past weekend.

What I noticed was the right hand jog wheel seems to looser than the one on the left. So when scratching or spinning back etc it flies a lot more than the other.

The left hand jog seems to be perfect to what I expect it to be when scratching or spinning back. I’m not a huge scratch DJ but I like to scratch mixes in. Seems to be a uniformity issue as I played on one a month or so ago and the jogs were really stiff.

I purchased mine new from Get In The Mix website. I have contacted them but I really feel uneasy about sending the unit in for repair as it’s got to go to them first to test and then if they agree with my findings it will go to Denon and I’m thinking shall I just cope with it.

I’ve also got a prime go and had to have 2 units swapped out because of defects so seems to be a running theme. Just want to buy something once and not have issues especially after spending £1600. So I am bit cheesed off, a lot of time already spent in messing around with sending units back and forth with the GO.

Any advice from from anyone who has had a similar issue? Would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Moin, moin Sunny,

oh wie bedauerlich. Aber heutzutage funktioniert leider nur noch ganz wenig ohne Reklamation.

Viel Glück, das Problem zu beheben, denn unterschiedlich reagierende JogWheels nerven nur. Hoffentlich musst Du das Gerät nicht an den Händler transportieren, denn das Gerät wiegt ja auch immerhin 10 kg.

LG aus HAM BeatMaster

Yes I don’t really want to have to send it away. It is annoying, I logged it with Denon on Friday but still awaiting a response.

Hey @SunnyJ Sorry to hear about your issues. Good to know you’re in touch with the team. Feel free to DM me if you need any additional assistance.

Moin, moin SunnyJ,

heute hatte ich auch wieder das Problem, dass die Sensitivität der JogWheels unterschiedlich war.

Um den JogWheels die Zicken auszutreiben, ging ich wie folgt vor:

View ein bisserl drücken, bis das Service Menue erscheint

UTILITY auswählen

Nudge_Sensivity auf ein anderes Kriterium einstellen (z.B. von High auf Low)

Platter_Touch_Sensivity_—> CALIBRATE

Nudge_Sensivity auf Dein bevorzugtes Kriterium zurücksetzen und erneut CALIBRATE ausführen

ggf. für alle vier “Wheels”_ einzeln wiederholen.

Ich hatte es schon im ersten Durchgang geschafft, brauchte aber auch schon mal eine Wiederholung, damit_die JogWheels die gleiche Sensivität auswiesen.

Ich hoffe, dieses Workflow hilft, so dass Du das Gerät nicht zur Reparatur einschicken musst.

Handbuch (Seite 27: UTILITY; Device_Settings) und der Bildschirm harmonieren in diesem Punkt leider nicht, bzw,. der Punkt fehlt völlig, zumindest in meinem Ausdruck.

LG aus HAM


Thanks @BeatMaster for the tips - will defo try them out. It’s not a huge issue, platter spins a half turn more than the other when spinning back, getting used to it :+1: but will give your tips a try. Thanks again.

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You seem to experience a mechanical difference, which touch(!) calibration will never fix. If you feel it’s really bad, then the support team are the ones to try and solve it.