Issues with the left vinyl mode


So I’ve been having the same issue with every update. On the left deck when on Vinyl mode is stops and starts it’s self every few seconds. What is going on here?

I’ve made a factory reset same issues and also cleaned it so nothing is laying on it i.e dust etc and every update is the same. I can not use the left deck properly at all.

When it is not in vinyl mode to track plays fine but can not scratch video to show…

Please help :tired_face:

Hi, I had that issue with my Prime 2 and unfortunately it required sending away for repair due to a grounding issue on the platter.

Hopefully you’re still in warranty.

How long is the warranty?

A year in the U.K.

Same issue on mine. It actually got better when I was out playing and a freak storm blew through and it got a lil wet. Seems to be have come back but it doesn’t do it when I set the platter color to green.

It’s weird and I couldn’t get it fixed when it was in warranty thanks to Covid.

Things to try:

Set platter to green. Plug directly into wall if you can. Try different surge protectors or power strips.

Set it to green! This must be a Prime 4 as there no option for this on a Prime 2?

There is in the settings, deck colour

Sean are you in the US?

Unfortunately not, why is it UK is 1 year and us is 2 years little unfair there? :disappointed:

Hi Sean,

The US is 1 year as well!

Warranty in the netherlands is 2 years. It’s a EU thing :wink:

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