Issues with Search in Engine DJ OS 4.0

There have been some interesting changes with Search. I very much appreciate the ability to switch between searching the current Playlist, or all tracks in the collection.

Unfortunately, with these changes, Search has become unreliable. I am constantly searching for tracks, lacking results, and having to back out of my current playlist and go to my entire collection, and make a search again for Engine DJ OS to find the tracks.

As an example, let’s say I’m in “Playlist A” and I have Match enabled. I search for “Banana” but remember it’s not in “Playlist A”, so I click to search “All” instead of just the one playlist, but then I remember it’s in a different Key, so I disable Match. The results are the same. So I delete one character from my search, “Banan”, and then I re-add the “a” to trigger a new search, “Banana”, but the results are the same. So I back out of search, change my playlist/go to the entire collection, and search for “Banana” and I get the result I want.

I have to fight it so hard and it happens in a lot of different scenarios.

If I can figure out exactly what’s causing the issue, I’ll make an update, or maybe someone else has experienced this issue and has a trick on how to prevent it from happening.

It looks like you guys have some sort of caching on the Search and failed to properly implement.

Edit: Prime 4+

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How do I ask Denon this directly?

Hey, You just did. They read this forum very carefully. They may not respond some times, but they do read. Your voice is definitely heard here.