Issues with MCX8000 screen freeze & track select issue

Hi, new to the forum but not to the mcx - it has never been 100% reliable but for some reason seems to be getting worse recently. I have tried to open a support ticket but received no response :frowning: the screen freezes and in fact all buttons stop reacting but still work to some degree for a while.

I have tried multiple laptops (windows) and I am on the latest version of serato and firmware on the mcx8000.

Yesterday I was DJing at a party and on the right hand deck selecting a new track with jog wheel (using serato not usb) and it set the track on the left hand deck which was live playing a track, is this something I have pressed or an issue with the deck? Obviously this was quite embarrassing for me but all was forgiven by the end of the night …

Any help would be appreciated!

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Return the brightness to the display, which usually solves the display freezing.

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Do you mean lower the brightness to the display? I am testing that now and it seems to be working. If it freezes up again I will post another message in regards of right display freezing up .