Issue with ground loop in mc7000

Im having a problem with my MC7000, the internal ground in my mc7000 is not working. when in vinyl mode and place my hand on the platter to scratch, it does not work how ever if i place my hand on the mc7000 and while placing my hand on the controller and scratching, it works. how can i get this fixed? I’ve tried everything.

Hey @djelusivemusic, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about your MC7000, since you’ve tried your own methods of troubleshooting, we recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team for assistance if you haven’t done so already. Fill out a support form here:

I have the same issue. The needs to be a fix for this? All other controllers are internally grounded!

Same in all venues for you? Or just some venue?

All venues

Denon wants me to ship it back to them which is $100+ !!

Denon needs to cover my shipping

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Is it local shipping? $100 sound of expensive

But is it fault? You say else where that all other midi controls are the ground. And you reply’s to a story where is over 6 month ago, so not most common everyone happening.

If you play laptop on he battery not on electric main power do the happening stop?

Did it also happening every day since you buy or did this happen all ways ?

it’s a common problem with all controllers that use touch capacitive tehnology, not just Denon ones (simple google search will show you that). OP probably has either poor grounding in his house or static electricity issue or both.

First step: test your power outlets. Second step: get rid of that synthethic carpet in your home

The problem is in the audio. If you unhook your audio the scratch will INSTANTLY start back working. Mine only do it with my pa self powered speakers. I have to brand new gemini pa speakers. But the thing is I also have a gemini djmix 5000 that it works perfect with. So I’m thinking it only do it with self powered pa speakers

I have been having the same issue. Did you come up with a solution yet?