Issue with Ableton Live and X1850 channels

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with Ableton Live 11 and my X1850.

In a normal context (hardware mode), the X1850 would have 4 channels reserved for players (thus tracks).

While in MIDI mode, to control Ableton as a DAW, the X1850 has 4 stereo channels:

1/2 → first channel 3/4 → second channel 5/6 → third channel 7/8 → fourth channel

The issue comes when Ableton asks to select 2 channels, one for MASTER OUT and the other one for CUE OUT.

As mentioned the X1850 only has 4 channels, so… should I give up 2 of them to reserve for MASTER and CUE, or is there a trick to preserve all of them 4 for MIDI tracks while using another way for MASTER OUT and CUE OUT?

For master you have also 9/10 normally on x1850