ISSUE / No image on the screen / Prime GO

Hi Guys!

Device: Denon Prime Go.

Issue: No image on the screen.

Background: I’ve faced an issue with my Denon prime go. After USB port repair in the service center the display desn’t work.

Details: The light indicators work for all controlling parts and go through loading circles for 3 times after the controller power is on. As I can understand the lighter for the display is also works, but the is no any image on the screen. I’ve replaced the original screen with the new one but the situation stays the same - no any data on the screen, but the screen gets the power. Mother board and other parts was checked and it seems no issue with it.

Assumption: Firmware collapsed.

Blocker: The display doesn’t work, not able to set firmware update mode to restore the firmware.

Solution: ???

Guys, any ideas how to manage it, your help needed!

I would get in touch with the repair centre.

It’s possible they left a connector off the screen when they took it apart.

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My friend, thanks a lot. The point is that it was not official SC. All connectors in the place. Checked multiple times. And also would like to highlight that the electricity comes to the screen, but no image avaible.

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I think there is a power and a separate data connection. Just check that both are seated properly. I saw a repeat on here from some unofficial repair shop who’d put a connector on the wrong way around.

Hopefully its an easy fix.

Many thanks for the advice, will check again.

Also my assumption is the firmware need to be restored as a variant.

Could you please advice how to make the firmware installation in my case?