Issue loading track using PC as Source | Prime 4+

Hoping someone can help me out. Maybe I’m missing something? I’m having an error message show on my Prime 4+ when I try to load a track from a PC (Win11) source over a WiFi network. The error message is “Track download failed. Please check your network and engine dj desktop software and try again.” Doesn’t matter what track, none load. I’ve just moved my library from one laptop to a new one. Old PC can load to P4+ with no issue.

All the same tracks exported to P4+ internal drive or external USB load and play. All exported from the same PC. I’ve checked my firewall settings, they are the same on old and new PC. Process of elimination: Have tried turning off windows firewall and windows defender completely, no change. No other antivirus is installed.

Both PC and P4+ are running latest versions. Can browse the PC library from the P4+, just can’t load it. I’ve tried googling and searching this forum, can’t seem to find a solution (I could just be not as good as I think at searching though) Are there any other settings I could have missed?

If you’ve changed PCs, its probably worth doing a format and clean export of the drive thats plugged into the Prime 4… my guess is the database has stored the info from the old laptop for the tracks you’re playing over wifi.

Already done, when I switched, formatted the P4+ drive. It also does it with new music that was not on the previous PC.

Was your old laptop an older OS?

It might be some security setting either on your network or on the new PC… Im a Mac user and we now have to grant permissions for drive access for anything connected to it, could W11 be the same?

The only other thing might a wifi extender on your network? if you have any can you disable them and try connecting both devices directly to the Router?

Same version of windows. All permissions were allowed. Disabling firewall and defender should stop windows network issues stopping communication. Have tried on multiple different networks. Old PC can still connect on these same networks. Tried it yesterday, side by side.

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Did you ever fix this? I have the same issue and it’s totally unusable now with my PC

Nope, have not fixed it. I’ve been emailing EngineDJ support back and forth since the start of June. It’s hard because the error message is not giving any details as to why or a code or something to narrow it down. Question: are you using Lexicon DJ or Rekordbox for the same music? Have you migrated from another PC or is this the only one you’ve used with the console? Trying to rule a few things out. Once / if I can get this resolved I’ll post it here for you.

I’ve found the issue after so much troubleshooting. It’s Lexicon DJ.

Engine DJ has a feature called Remote Library, this is not supported by Lexicon currently. Tracks that you send to Engine DJ will not be playable through Remote Library on Denon hardware. The suggested approach is to sync your Lexicon library directly to your Denon hardware or a USB drive using the Target Drive option above.

Edit: The beta works BUT I had to delete my Engine Library from the Windows Music folder and re-sync from Lexicon DJ. When using the Lexicon DJ beta there will be an option for Remote Library when in the sync menu, I have tested and it is working! Beta available through the discord.

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