Is there realy no one at the Denon headquarters to make a decent piece of software?

Okay, i did the update on mij mac…

Nice, but nooooo…

Goddammed, the stupid software gives me a error on my sd card…everything in the playlist are red…(Denon dj 2.0)

On my Prime 4, every song had to be analyzid again…

Wy is het not possible for Denon to make a decent piece of software???

Ooh yes, afcours…we have to speedboot with Tractor and Rekordbox, oh and we need streaming ■■■■…

Just concentrate on making a decent piece of software…

How about: You learn to use the software right? Not a single title on any playlist is red for me neither on internal SSD or SD Card nor on one of my USB Sticks.

And believe it or not acutally I see more and more DJs use streaming for gigs…

The analyzing is annoying ok but it’s just 1 time. Let the Mac run over night (if your library is really huge) and be done with it


Works great for me.


Also here, made a ton of updates since first engine software came out, and still all works great and not even a single track was left behind.

Instead of complaining, check the forum for solutions, some people had the same problem, and it can be solved in a simple way.

If You want also provide us with some details, and we will try to help too.

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DJ ruud, you’re really insulting not only the software designers and programmers, but the beta testers too. For good measure, you’re also putting forward the idea that other DJs opinions, wants, and needs don’t matter by way of your comments about existing features, streaming, compatibility with other software etc.

It’s been covered before, elsewhere in the forum but, If a products firmware has 30 bugs and you start beta testing and find 28 bugs then, of course, you finished the beta testing 2 bugs too early. BUT lol how would anyone know that there were 30 bugs to find? Of course, no-one would. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Much more realistically, a strict testing regime would establish an endpoint. Perhaps that endpoint would be “if our entire team of beta testers reach a stage where they discover no new, previously unidentified bugs within x weeks of the last bug discovery, then finish working on the fixes for the discovered bugs and release the update.”

One alternative is, never release an update and forever look for just one more bug, just one more, one more, one more…

Another alternative is release the next firmware, beta tested and with all the discovered bugs resolved and vow to investigate and try to resolve any new bugs that are discovered after release, in the future - sound familiar?

Or, should the beta team never progress, always stuck looking for 2 last bugs that might, or might not exist? A line has to be drawn where it’s decided that the next firmware, with its 28 fixes is released, with remember, no-one at that stage knowing that there’s still anything else to find.

There’s the suggestion of “why not test every feature?”. That’s a superb suggestion for simpler devices, like a TV remote control or a Desktop cooling fan but unrealistic on devices where the number of features multiplied by the number of modes offered multiplied by the number of different ways users can expect to use the devices can, and will vary so much.

Adding new features can mean adding new bugs.

It’s frustrating but it’s always going to be a consideration.


Programming and patching bugs is like chasing the dragon…


Well said pal also there comes to a point we’re a beta tester has been testing for months a not just 1 or 2 I mean alot and he gets to a point where he can’t find any more bugs unless it’s major bug sometimes the smaller bugs is a matter of the testers opinion like waveform drift might not bother a tester too much to raise it as a bug. It’s more about finding major issues within the new product and some minor ones then no doubt the public can bring up other issues that’s why we have a public forum like this.To be honest after reading through the issues raised and done extensive testing on the public release myself there’s nothing major wrong with what this update gives but that’s my opinion others will think differently same way beta testing works so sit back relax and enjoy what these guys are providing us it’s game changing and amazing


Yup. As a software developer, you gotta assume that your code will have bugs, and that some will probably slip through the QA process. Keep in mind that Engine Prime is multi platform. Even though they’re using QT for their GUI API which helps, there are still significant platform differences between Mac and PC, chiefly paths and file names amongst numerous other details that still can cause issues. This process is compounded further by how the thousands of EP users actually use the software: There’s people like me that only use EP. There’s some that do everything in Serato and import that to EP. Some use iTunes. Some Traktor. Some use a combination of everything. Some use 3rd party tools to assist with migrating back/forth. This creates numerous branching paths that have to be tested. Furthermore there’s smaller details to consider like the tracks themselves. How were they encoded? A FLAC or MP3 file can be encoded in many different ways, can contain all kinds of extra metadata/tags that are user defined and not part of the standard, can contain non standard sized album artwork, etc. Point is, it’s complicated software that has to work right on multiple platforms for a wide variety of how users handle their workflow. As someone pointed out, you can sit on the product forever and never release it to guarantee there’s not even a tiny bug, or you can fix whatever you were able to observe, reproduce, fix, test again and verify


Hey @DJRuud - We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration. In regards to your issue with red files, we’re happy to take a look at your situation and connect you with a technical support agent to help you resolve your issue.

The community here is very helpful in situations regarding technical support before it is escalated to our team. At any rate, there are a lot of things to be excited about with the release of Engine DJ 2.0. Let’s get you sorted so that you can enjoy all of the new features. Feel free to DM me and I’ll be happy to help!

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Hello everybody…

I’m sorry for my message…it was out of proportion…

This night i used my Prime 4 with the new update and i have to say it was great…

I like the new features…

Again, i’m sorry for my brutality (english not good).


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