Is paying 204,00 dollar every year the sollution to your professional music software?

I understand we need to subscribe to a monthly hiring of software to work in a professional way with your professional music software is that correct? Was it anywhere mentioned in your advertisements?

The last question is not one you have to answer, but is it the solution for my problems with database management? paying 204 dollar each year after buying your denon hardware with professional music management software?

I’m not sure what this 204 dollars per year you’re quoting is, but in Europe we mainly use euros and in my case the British pound.

Either way I don’t pay a penny to any DJ software company and I manage to organise and use my music collection with zero issues.

You need to be more specific with these loaded comments you’re leaving here, perhaps then someone might actually A: understand what you’re talking about, and B: assist you in resolving any issues you may be having.


I’m not paying anything for EngineDJ so what are you talking about?

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Hey STU-C. I manage my digital collection since 2007 and I have had many issues, but also many, many perfect days. I was able to manage my collection independent of the hard or software i was using. Later on more companies started to understand this generic way of working is good.

I use Euro’s, so maybe it will be less than 204 number, not so much number, but likely the same of if the receivers are smart even more devaluating value. I am from the Netherlands by the way. So English is not my native language.

I am surprised you don’t know from the top of your head with certain ‘database’ problems like doubles in your ‘collection’ (which is not actually a collection but more like a read out read from playlists), Lexicon is mentioned as a solution to certain ‘problems’ people run into using Prime hardware and it’s professional music management software.

Now my question is; does it solve all my problems?

(And no, I don’t agree with only pointing at iTunes, but I don’t even need iTunes to use iTunes :-). 50000 cue points…hard work. I only have smaller numbers. 16000. It says. Most of it financially in support of the creators. I don’t mind paying for quality.)

Perhaps @Christiaan could make it free for fellow Dutchmen. :wink:

I think you could subscribe for a month to get stuff migrated, but not if you need Lexicon on a regular basis.

Btw, I really don’t get this separate topic. In another topic you stated the Prime2 is already for sale?!

So I purchase music from iTunes then manually organise it on my computer in folders that relate to genre, i prefix them with a 0 so they appear at the top of my music folder, followed by A-Z of albums.

I then update Serato DJ Pro with new music, the crates in there replicate my genre and album layout from my music folder. After that is done I use the Serato sync manager in Engine to update tracks in there.

I then use Sync manager to update the drive installed in my Prime 2. All my music is stored on an internal hard drive built into my laptop.

I have no double tracks, no red tracks, no issues using Serato, Rekordbox or Engine for music management.


If somebody is too lazy to read this guys long worded posts let me tell you you’re not missing much.

Bought a Prime unit but still wants to use Rekordbox but in a specific way he is used to. Is now pis*ed realizing that would require him using something like Lexicon. Cue drama.

Swear to god, all you IT guys need to be banned from using DJ gear. :roll_eyes:


£204 a year - that’s less than a quarter of a gig.

And it’s declarable as a business expense.

Does what it says it does.

If it seems too expensive for some people then work out an alternative workflow


Hey, thats two gigs up here in the poor part of the UK :wink:


Banned…hahaha… Well. That’s maybe that says something about the wish to be a digital DJ and the people ‘working for you’. By the way, I see you do a lot of guessing. We should all know who assumption is the mother of.

Banned… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


to whom it may concern:

Do you talk about USD 204 or GBP 204 (@Pasha). The difference in EUR is rd. 46,60

pls.: Have a look at the headline :wink:



“Money makes the world go araound”

Brgds BeatMaster

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I have let go of the folder organizing a long time ago when I realized we were going to store data based on metadata. So I use an application that creates it’s own backup and auto-saves different sorts of playlist data pointing to a ‘flat folder structure’ collection.

Since synchronizing playlist data started to work in Serato and Recordbox it became a fast way of working.

It seems STU-C, you are actually answering my question. A third software is not the answer to all ‘problems’ I may run into. So I think I should start to explore your guideline a bit more :wink: THANKS!

Thanks for that info Beatmaster. It’s a bit off-topic to me but people who visit the thread may be able to use your info.

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Why to pay anything. Engine dj is doing good and is free…

I think the key point is to treat all your different software separately where possible. I like to have my music organised on my computer because Djing isnt the only thing i use it for (listening, car playlists etc). What this means for updating DJ playlists, i only ever have to drag and drop the genre folders ive added music to, and i can drop them straight into the relevant playlist on my software, so it adds to both the collection and the playlist in one hit.

Just to add, ive switched over from a 2015 Macbook to a 2021 M1 Macbook just this morning (now Reloop have released a new sound card for Serato i can finally make the switch), i loaded the Engine db file onto the newer computer and have the latest Engine desktop version installed on Ventura (my old one couldnt update past an earlier version) and the first export to the drive has worked fine, as if i was still using the other computer.

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This one is to ask if it is the general solution. The other topics were more specific. And now in this topic I seem to get an answer that may make me change my mind. Though everything is always for sale for the right price :wink:

And I don’t need things for free that people want to pay for. It’s just not my way of service delivery, monthly fees. Feels like rich people are poor and need some sort of a taxation. But that is a personal feeling and a reply off-topic.

One more thing…I think it’s on-topic too. For those who wonder why I ask about the third party software ‘in general’. There is some text on the website of Engine DJ that could make you believe (and yes, I just said it myself about assumption), there is something revolutionary going on with just EngineDJ.

‘The world’s premier DJ software suite Redefining Creativity’, is how it starts. ’ Engine DJ is the world’s first, and most advanced, embedded creative platform for DJs’, is how it goes on.

Next: ‘A professional DJ collection management software that simplifies music library organization and track preparation workflows from the comfort of a desktop or laptop computer.’. ‘A purpose-built operating system (OS) to power standalone DJ hardware, expand performance creativity, plus enable flexible music collection management directly from the hardware.’

No mention of third party software making your life easier if things are, though flexible, not as flexible as you may find it from a personal point of view. Arriving in the community it’s the first thing useful I run into though and other community members are very much standing their ground for the third party software.

Being that IT guy I feel like I am in the Mac/Windows discussion, trying to keep it a conversation about hardware, software and service delivery. Just to make sure; I am not pro Mac or pro Windows or against any of them. Same goes for any DJ hard/ software though hardware-wise I might choose for better sound quality. Knowing that can be a personal touch. It’s why I decided to buy Denon hardware.

I was not aware of the service status the accompanying software is in. And database management and collection keeping based on metadata seemed to me, would be at the same level by 2023 on most platforms.

So I was a bit disappointed (maybe a little more than a bit) to read third party software with a subscription is an acceptable ‘solution’. I would call that: part of the eco-system. Not a solution.

Again i have to apologize for using a lot of words but questions asked in the community deserve my attention. This topic was started to understand how big a role the third party software may take in a future with Denon Prime and Engine DJ. And I just got some clues from STU-C pointing out there is no need for it. And anyone who wants can use it.

For me that is all I wanted to know for now and more…

I’m in full agreement with that - good grief

I think you guys should not hijack my topic and make your own. If you like to ban all iT guys from the community you have a good reason to start that topic I’d say. But it is not on-topic in this thread.

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This should be the last reply. ‘Solved’ With STU-C’s answer. Thanks STU-C