Is it possible to get soundswitch working with 2x sc6000 and xone px5 over the mixers midi out?

quick question. i know soundswitch is only supported by the standalone consoles or denon mixers. since soundswitch needs to know the fader position of the mixer. as the a&h xone px5 outputs midi and even the faders are working over midi, is it possible to get soundswitch working like on a denon mixer? i am planning to upgrade my setup from the prime 4 to 2x sc6000 and a&h xone px5. soundswitch is nice but i don’t want to buy a denon mixer just to have this feature. not really happy withe buildquality of the p4 and the x1850 seems to be almost in the same state. also soundquality is really a big thing for me and i always loved the a&h sound. hope someone can puthis thoughts on this

Yes that should work, you will just loose the stand alone feature. If you have a Denon setup you don’t need to have soundswitch running on your computer.

You can read more about midi mapping here: Soundswitch MIDI Mapping

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yes i know i do not need to run it on pc as i currently have the prime 4 . i want to run soundswitch on the sc6000 and control the fader state for soundswitch with the midi messages from the allen heath px5. therefore i need to run it on pc, right? beacusae i can’t connect the sc6000 to the mixer via lan. the px5 can send midi and work as normal mixer at the same time i guess

You have to use a pc with soundswitch. The standalone feature of the SC6ks is only working with a Denon X18xx mixer.

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ok, that is what i thought. thanks for the answer

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