Internal SSD was not detected on Prime 4

Last Saturday I took my Prime 4 to its very first (wedding) gig. I bought this controller 2 weeks ago and immediately installed an internal SSD drive (Samsung). Formatted it to ExFat and filled it with about 10k songs. 1 week ago I did a 4h DJ livestream with the Prime 4, only using the internal SSD drive. No issue at all. So for 2 weeks I have been testing and getting to know this wonderful piece of hardware. So I was ready for the wedding party. When I arrived at the location and turned on my prime 4, The internal SSD was not showing up as a source. I only got some demo tracks. Rebooted, but still same issue. Luckily I had my Serato laptop with me so I was able to get the job done, but I was hoping on doing that without using a laptop. Now comes the strange part. The morning after, at home, I wanted to check what was wrong. I turned on my controller and now my internal drive was showing up again. Without making any changes since last Saturday. Veeeery strange. Anyone else has experienced this? Or knows what might have happened here? PS: also already checked the connection at the bottom with the SSD, but it was tightly connected.

What firmware update are you on, I’ve been intermittently getting a similar issue on version 2.3 onwards…occasionally the internal drive doesn’t show up on boot, usually a restart gets the drive to show but it’s happened about 3 times so far

Not updated to 2.3.2 yet