Internal SSD for Prime 4

Hello all,

After looking at it for what feels like ages now, I got a Prime 4 yesterday. I want to install internal memory so my core bank of tracks is always to hand and i have the option of carrying newer tracks on a USB as and when necessary.

Just wanted to call on the collective knowledge of this community to check before I run out and buy the SAMSUNG QVO 870 2.5" Internal SSD - 1 TB

From what I can this looks like a decent and suitable drive for the job?

Are there any reasons I’m missing to avoid this drive?

Thanks in advance all

The QVO isn’t really worthy of calling it an SSD, but it’s cheap.

Better get an EVO. IMHO.


Many thanks Reese

I appreciate the input. I’d rather spend a bit more now than come to regret it while playing an event.

All the best

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Yeah I found the write speed very low; almost HDD like. Read speed is okay and SSD like.


Even more valuable to know!

Thanks a lot Reese

EVO it is

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