Internal drive not visable

hi guys I have installed the internal drive into my prime 4. it is visible in engine software on the laptop and I can load files onto it but when in standalone mode the prime 4 doesn’t show the internal drive. flash drives connect and are visible as they should be. its formatted in FAT32.

any help will be appreciated thanks .

Please and try format as exFAT. For now that’s the best and working option.

I’ve seen others also recommend you make sure the Partition Table type is MBR, not GUID Partition Type.

Correct MBR also, but that will probably be the default when initializing an external disk (under Windows) unless it’s a big drive.

I don’t know about Windows, but my experience has been that MacOS will always default to GUID partition type, so one has to be sure to change the partition type as well as the filesystem type.

Yep, on a Mac choose Delete (I think that is the English term, I use a Dutch version), then exFAT and MBR. This should get you going.

hi all thanks a lot for the reply’s even though I had done all these settings correctly still no joy however I have turned on the the prime 4 today and hey presto ! its working and I’ve no idea why. now I can start transferring music.

thanks again

Something I’ve spotted which must be a bug, is that after I’ve been in controller mode and transferred music from my laptop, then switched back into standalone (normal) mode, the internal drive doesn’t show up. I’ve to cycle the power and then it’s there. Seems like an issue with leaving controller mode from what I’ve seen. Not sure if that helps but thought it was worth a mention.

Someone has mentioned this reported bug, in the report a bug section.

You need to reboot the Prime 4 after being in controller mode then the internal drive he show up normally

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Yes, thanks…that was what I meant by “cycle the power” - i.e. reboot it - switch off and on again.

It did have me worried the first time I saw it, but thankfully the workaround is quiet easy once you know what needs to be done.