Interesting filter only applies to cued songs

Hi out there,

I love my Prime 4 but somehow I have a problem since my last gig, maybe came with the last update or I did something wrong: When I listen to songs only on Cue it sounds like I use a very bad filter with echo and hall and seems to only affect on vocals. But this makes using the headphones completely useless.

I need my gear tomorrow and I’m still trying to find out what’s wrong for hours now.

Does anybody know what I probably did wrong?

Thank you in advance Greetings from Germany DJ SneJ

Problem solved…

My headphones were bad… :crazy_face:

I used them for 8 years and they did the job without complaints. Till then.

It wasn’t a filter, it’s been a hardware defect.

I’ve ordered new and everything’s fine now.

Greetings from Germany DJ SneJ

And this is a perfect example of how people blame the gear, not even investigating the problem completely…

And what was this for? A perfect example of a completely useless but offensive answer.

After I found out the problem I gave others with similar problems a hint with showing the solution. You were just aggressive.

35 days ago sitting in front of my gear wondering what I did wrong, an answer I could try different headphones (which are btw also gear) would have helped.

But thank you for your “help” now. But I know there are friendly and helpful users on this board.


Nope. No one is aggressive, except You. We are dealing daily with people, that always blame the gear, and complain here on the forum first, before even trying to investigate the problem. Best is to write the forum or facebook and complain on how bad is the gear, how disappointed they are, but no one of them read the manual, or checked why it is working like it is… Sorry if You feel offended. I never had an intention to offend anybody. But on the other hand - we are adults here, no need for snowflake behaviour as well. I respect You, and the fact, that You are the first ever person to admit, it was not the gear that You were first complaining about and You actually investigated the problem. Great that You have it solved. No hard feelings, and Happy mixing!

Sorry NoiseRiser, but it’s obvious you are in the wrong here.

Jens, sorry nobody replied to you sooner with suggestions, trying to use different headphones would have been among them.


I’m surely the least aggressive person on earth. If you read my first post you will see that I didn’t blame the gear:

I was in the phase of investigating the problem and tried to use this great community since it was one day before the gig.

I don’t really know how you could find in my post a complaint about my hardware. My first sentence was that I love it…

Maybe you’ve read to much from these people but I have and I had never this behavior. And by the way, the manual ist just a description of the gear and barely useful if you have to find out the best way to do something or solve possible problems.

I’m trying not to find your first answer as offensive and will ignore your statement that I am aggressive. I appreciate what you’ve admitted.

Thank you for this conversation. I enjoyed it (truly!).

Happy mixing!

Thank you for your answer. I am always very critical of myself and tried to find out what I should do better next time.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with NoiseRiser’s comment.

Jens seems to take it personally but it’s just a statement of fact, not anything offensive.

To me it would be obvious to try another pair of headphones, or to try those headphones on other equipment, to diagnose where the problem lies. I would do that as routine, before even posting about a “fault”. But maybe that’s because I diagnose faults for a living, testing and repairing electronics.

Based on my years of experience reading posts on forums like this, there are many people who jump straight online and ask for help with the simplest things, when with a little thought and/or effort they could have found a solution themselves in less time. <–(this is not a personal attack on Jens).

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Not investigating the problem but going to forums and social media to ask for solutions is recently very common. People don’t want to think and solve the problem for them selves, they want ready solutions with minimal effort. This is not the right way to go… I didn’t want to offend anyone, just made a free comment - freedom of speech and thought is a thing, tight? I don’t comment on this much anyway, as You know. But seems that I seen enough of this to have my opinion.

This is exactly what I meant…

You are correct with that opinion. We see that everyday here.

But please read again how I QUOTED his words and your words. Do they match? Did he blame the gear?

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Thank you for all the response. I’m very pleased and let’s not get mad at each other.

Let’s say it this way: problem solved, maybe this could help others.

Greetings from Germany DJ SneJ Jens

No anger here, as soon as NoiseRiser answers this question we can close it.


Yep, I see. Still - easy route - ask forum, before investigating…? Please understand what I mean here. No offence. I think, that it should be a common sense to first try to solve the issue before asking on forums and social media. So far we see a lot of that snowflake questions how to do common, basic things… sorry, it just frustrated me recently. Maybe too much people asking me stupid questions recently and it escalated. Sorry if someone got hurt. If no, let’s cary on.

Actually, yes. First he’s posting in the Standalone Controllers area. Second he refers to his Prime 4 early in the post. Then once he explains the issue, he says he needs his gear tomorrow, so is clearly talking about the equipment.

The route to the solution is quite easy. You have two things involved - the headphones and the device they’re plugged into. Try different headphones in same device. Try same headphones in different device.

Okay, you don’t get it. No problem. Let’s close the case. It’s not worth arguing any more. If I had the possibility to solve the problem alone I wouldn’t have asked. And I found the next problem and will again start a thread. Maybe you will again insist in my “obvious lazyness”. I’m not here not to help. Don’t know what you are here for. Greetings from Germany. Jens

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Assuming you’re replying to my last post, I’ll state once again that these posts from NoiseRider and myself (etc) are NOT personal attacks on you.

This is an open forum. Anyone can read this thread. The info in it may be useful to others.

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I do not see your post as offence. I’m still trying to convince you that I’m not the lazy “please help me I will not read the manual user because there are a lot of people who can help” user … I could not even imagine that dead headphones could sound like a filter, bringing echo to the vocals and midpassing the sound… But they did.

That is blaming the gear. Yeah. Rightly.

Me neither. It’s not something I’ve ever experienced or that would be an obvious cause when reading your post.

It does appear though that you solved it yourself, so did you try those headphones in another device, or try different headphones on the Denon?