Info 2.2.2

someone confirms me if they have solved the problems of version 2.2? i am waiting to update to 2.2.2. ! I’m stuck at 2.1! what do you say and reliable the 2.2.2. ?

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Que tipo de problemas hay con esta actualizacion?

since with the last two versions I had problems exporting with the new tracks I was back to 2.1! now before moving on to 2.2.2 I would like to make sure the database problems are fixed before upgrading!

I have had a good experience updating from 2.1 to 2.2.2. I have 24, 000 tracks on an internal SanDisk Ultra 1 TB drive on my Prime 4 and I also updated my computer with engine DJ and have no problem transferring tracks and working as usual. No quirky problems at all…everything is smooth. I have played one full wedding reception with the new version and I’m heading into another wedding reception tomorrow and I have been playing with it all week in the studio and have had no issues. That of course is my experience… I wish you the best of luck and hope that is your experience as well when updating.

2.2.2 seems smooth enough and fast enough. Lent prime 4s to a through and through pioneer guy last night. BIG MISTAKE … he kept ringing me every ten minutes and sending me stupid videos raving about them, and how he wanted a set and did i want to sell them… So big :+1:to denon there lol (Maybe denon would care to send me a new set for converting a lifelong pioneer man over)

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Are you in the north of the UK? He can buy mine if he wants lol

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Just upgraded to 2.2.2 on my prime4 and now I can’t see the bpm until I load the track and they are no longer in bpm order, i need this corrected anyone else have this issue and how did you fix it

Estoy igual, actualice mis Denon SC6000M y tengo detalles incluso con el linkeo (demora una eternidad, tuve que regresar a la version 2.2.1 y los problemas se fueron.