In Chile do you have an authorized technical service?

I have problems with my Prime4, and I don’t know how to solve them.

I have no guarantee with the provider.

Some people tell me that it could be a problem of the PCB MAIN due to an increase in voltage, which I will know.

This is why I would like to send fix my prime4 since I only have it since January 2020, even I have not finished paying it yet.

Could you tell me if here in Chile they have an authorized technical service?

Did you try reloading the Firmware?

So your problem is still not being handled by DenonDJ Global Support?

I find that hard to believe and thinking about removing or closing this double/triple topic.

Technically this topic is different.

The answer is Yes or No

Don’t close it without answering his/her question or you will add to his/her stress level.

Why not ? Is it imported ? Have you opened it and voided the warranty ? Or water damaged it, which will also void the warranty ?

@Reese I have not received a response from denon support.

Although the report is related, it is different since I am asking if there is an authorized technical service in Chile. If there is any representative of inMusic in Chile that can help me, to check the PCBs, or anything else that needs to be done to repair the prime4.

@mufasa Thanks for the clarification, I am looking for a solution on my own assuming the monetary costs.

@DJ_Sontag It is a retail provider, and I am told that it is not a representative of the brand here in Chile, also here in Chile any product has only a three-month warranty from the moment of the purchase. If the provider decides to extend the warranty for more months (action that the provider did not take), it could obtain a technical service area, nothing more.