ID3V Tags and the like?

Hello Everyone,

Today I noticed that Engine Prime does not write the tag information to ID3 tags. Is it possible to have this added or am I missing something?

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Hello Mr. Negative,

Engine Prime does write tag information to the ID3 tags when they are being edited in the song list. It however does not write other information like cue points, BPM , etc to the meta data.

Can you explain what you are doing and what particular things you expect to happen which are not?



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When I edit Artist, Title, Genre, Comment, and Label information of MP3’s in Engine Prime, it is not written to the ID3 tags. The files and folders containing the files are not marked as read only. Other software will write the tags without issue.

Does engine and the sc5000 show the edited information on-screen after the edits? If so then Engine Prime is leaving the tags well alone, leaving the file perfectly intact, but updating the Engine Prime database.

The information is saved in Prime and shows on the players, however the tags are not saved. This means I will need to go back to using Serato as my main database organization tool. :frowning:

That’s odd.

I just was able to do it with Engine Prime 1.2.1. Can you give a bit more info on your system? ie: Mac/Win, OS version, etc…

Win 8.1 Ultimate up to date

We’ve tried to reproduce your issue in our labs and have so far been unable to do so. I’d like to get to the bottom of this. Can you repeat our steps below and confirm that the last two steps fail please?

  1. Open Engine Prime
  2. Select a track and edit the song name, album name and artist name.
  3. Right click track to reveal in finder
  4. Confirm that the date modified is updated (this shows that the track was edited)
  5. Right click, open the track and look at details tab (This shows that the meta tag data was written to).

Also, if you can confirm that this fails with different steps to reproduce, can you please list those.




I followed these steps. The file still remains unmodified. I will attempt uninstalling and re-installing engine prime.

Where is the Engine Prime (EP) database located ? And what’s it called ?

I tried several things to uninstall EP after I installed it and for test purposes imported Traktor Pro Library.

All seemed to work and since I had to do some more adjustments in my Traktor Library (analyzing tracks, settings LOOPS and cue-points), I decided to uninstall EP (and thereby clear the formally imported Traktor Library and start from scratch with my updated TP Library).

But since then, everything I try, I can’t get the Library cleared and the Traktor Library keeps showing up in EP. I uninstalled EP, even did a registry cleanup (via CCleaner), and re-installed EP (as suggested by support I contacted) but no succes. The Collection in EP shows up empty and when I ‘Import to Playlist’ on a Traktor playlist, the playlist name shows up in the EP Playlists but is empty. Drag and Drop tracks from Traktor Playlist to EP Playlist doesn’t work either (nothing is being copied). Same with iTunes Library/playlists. Can’t seem to get the database (Collection) filled again, so nothing shows up when I copy a playlist (songs are not found in the EP Collection). Very frustrating. And I am stuck now. Can’t get EP uninstalled and re-install to start again from scartch (because the Traktor Playlists keep showing up, already imported from Traktor) and I can’t get it updated because nothing happens when I import my Traktor Playlists to Enigine Playlists (playlists show up empty).

So I would like to try to delete the database file manually from EP (it seems not being deleted when uninstalling EP) Maybe the file is corrupt and therefore can’t be overwritten? I would like to try to find the database file, delete it and do a re-install and that way create a new (empty) database and start all over from scratch.

Hope someone can advice me what to do

All db related files are stored in your Music / Engine Library folder. If you want to completely restart your collection, just delete this folder.

Let me know if that helps.



Probably the best thing to do is to get in contact with support and see if they can work through this with you to figure something out. This sort of thing can probably be faster and more efficiently figured out and resolved over the phone than with back and forth on a forum.

Worked !!! AIRVince = Hero !

As I understand, the Traktor playlists, cue’s and loops are imported but not the (beat) Grid ? So I’ll have to analyze the collection (all songs) again in EP and the Traktor grid will be overwritten (and manually adjusted beatgrids from Traktor will be lost) ? Not a disaster but good to know.

Thanks again AIRVince !

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I have gone back to using the Serato DB as my master collection for now. I am not too awful worried about it.