I would love to buy an SC6000

But the only-3 band waveform option is a real dealbreaker for me. I’ll have to overspend on a cdj-3000 setup. Too bad!

seriously, for a waveform? :smiley:

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So, you don’t think the waveform on a digital player is important. Are you serious?

[old-fart-mode]no, didn’t have them on vinyl neither, worked fine ;)[/old-fart-mode]

But back to reality: yes, the Denon waveforms are a bit more monochromatic then the Pioneers. But, last week I tried something out on a Pioneer, after having my SC6000’s for a few months now, and wow, really felt I was going back in time: the SC6000 are clearer, more vibrant, to me…

But hey, whatever floats your boat, it’s not up to me to decide what’s important to you :wink:


I’d def put your hands on both first. I have a pair of 3000’s purchased for rentals and my old trusty sc5000’s. The 3000’s sit in their cases waiting to be rented while my sc5000’s are on my stand ready to go. I simply prefer the workflow and flexibility of the Denons. I do agree that RGB waveforms should be an option, though.

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I respect your opinion, not saying 3 band waveform is bad, at all. I’m so used to 1-color and RB waveforms from Traktor/Rekordbox that a have trouble understanding what is going on with the 3 band waveform, It would be easy to implement, I just can’t get my head around it.

[also-old-fart-mode] Sure, I keep DJing with my old 1200 mk2s and no need of screens, indeed [/also-old-fart-mode]

Development resources are always limited and Denon Prime is a younger platform than Traktor or Pioneer. I can’t deny that some features will feel less mature on Denon. But then they did implement features like “dual layer”, and the browsing UI just shows more info on the screen than even a CDJ3000. That, and a much lower pricepoint…

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Got it. I wish Denon could implement RGB waveforms. Until then, I’ll have to stick with our overpriced-from the land of the rising sun-friend

Can you explain to me please, as a Technics user, why you NEED the Pioneer waveforms? I’m just curious, as whilst they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the pioneer / Serato model, they are definitely not unusual either.

Well, the question would be: Why do I need a digital player if I’m a Technics user.

But seriously, it’s not that it is unappealing aesthetically or that I’m a picky person, it’s that I find it hard to understand what is coming with a 3 band waveform. It’s so much easier for me to see a track with an RGB waveform. FOR ME.

Must say that if you are willing to pay so much more, for only the waveform, then you have to much money. :wink:

I have the SC6Ks and have played on Pio earlier but the waveform is not a dealbreaker for me… The Feature-set is.

But I respect your ‘needs’, even though I dont get it :slightly_smiling_face: Its a waveform… For my sake it could be Purple, Pink and Black as long as it shows me what I need.

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I agree, especially the last paragraph: “as long as it shows me what I need.”


But the Denons do show you what you need, just not in the exact way you wish. If you want to buy CDJs, good luck to you, that’s the same personal preference as to why some people buy a Ferrari and some buy a Lamborghini, they’re both super cars buy go about their business in different ways.

Enjoy your CDJs…

I will like the RGB waveform option as well, even if not on the Prime players but in Engine Prime software.

Its just way easier (probably familiar) with the RGB style or monochrome (Ableton) to know where the beat is when doing a quiet beat-gridding session.

I’m looking at the greens and white, and i still get stumped trying to figure out where the kick drum is.

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No, I don’t want to buy a CDJ, I want to buy an SC6000. I guess I could also buy a shabby 250 € Gemini player, it does everything I need, just not in the exact way I wish. :grimacing:

I use VDJ and am very happy with the monochrome overlapping waveforms. I really dislike the RGB ones.

Each to their own as has been said before.


Great! Nobody prevents you from using that waveform. Do they?

No. But the beauty of software is that there are multiple waveforms to choose from. On the players it’s very limited.

Yep, what can one do?

Then buy a SC6000 and suck it (the waveform) up :wink: Maybe you’ll even adapt to it… You can’t have everything in life :wink: