I will no longer be able to use Engine unless a relocate option can be added

I actually like the Denon software. It’s easy to use, fast, and for the most part gets the beat grids right. But holy crap half of my library is red and I cannot do this anymore. I know we already have a feature request but I’ve already liked and commented on it and even though it has support it seems to be falling upon deaf ears. I spent a lot of time working on my Engine library and it feels like that was all wasted because I can’t do something as simple as update the filepath for my tracks. Please, please make this a thing, I know people want this and it’s a basic function that people have been asking for since day one.


Yea totally agree with you there, I’m trying out VDJ at the moment because of the Engine software has done exactly the same to me (v2.2) and this totally defeats the object of having the Prime 4 as a standalone. I wish they would sort this out asap :face_with_monocle: All I’ve seen and read on social media and on this forum since the update is mainly users having the same problems but at least we got a nice Metronome now :joy:

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I haven’t even tried to use my engine library since upgrading to a new laptop and moving all of my music to a central server. I currently can only use my SC5000s with an old library saved on an SD card. It really is ridiculous that we still can’t relink orphaned files or that Engine won’t read music files on a NAS or server, considering iTunes/Apple Music, Rekordbox and Tractor can.

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It’s one of the biggest reasons I still use rekordbox with lexicon.


Yeah I find The engine software useless for all the reasons listed as well as its very glitchy on my windows 11 PC. Uninstalled the software completely from my PC and only use virtual DJ to transfer music now. Works fine that way. Until they improve the software I have no use for it.


so you are using rekordbox to make usb sticks that still play on engine prime hardware? I’m curious about this workflow and tempted to try it myself.

Or he manages the tracks and playlists with RB, then with EDJ he imports the RB library, and from EDJ he creates the remote units to be used on the console.

Support the cause, everyone should be bumping this thread daily - https://community.enginedj.com/t/relocate-missing-tracks-engine-dj-desktop/36808

This has been a top feature request since the program came out. Even one of the Denon moderators on here has been asking for it.

I use Rekordbox to manage my library. I keep my Rekordbox library synced to Engine, VDJ, Traktor, ITunes, and Serato with Lexicon.

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80% of my library is RED and these files have never been renamed or moved from their original location. No more new features until this issue is resolved, because I’m not having a good time with this program anymore and I’m getting ready to leave it behind for good for Rekordbox and Lexicon.

I also do this due to other issues in engjne. I use rekordbox for prep, export from rekordbox to usb, plug into Denon players to import the rekodbox library. This builds all the folder structures and playlists, then plug the stick back into the computer( or connect the player via USB) and just analyse direct from the stick in engjne dj.

It’s not perfect as it’s a one directional (unless using other software like lexicon), but it atleast avoids the headaches people seem to be experiencing here.

I agree Denon really need to sort these obviously important issues out.

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I’ve been on rekordbox with lexicon (previously rekordcloud) since my first few months with the denons. For the same reason, the engine preparation software is just way too buggy to rely on.

Thanks for this idea, I downloaded the free version of rekordbox and started setting up. I made a usb from rekordbox, imported it on the sc5000 and it solves my red track issues.

So far it’s all benefits and no down sides that I know of, thanks again!