I’ve updated my prime 4 yesterday no soundcloud

Hi guys I updated my prime 4 yesterday but did not get soundcloud go streaming does anyone know why?

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It’s not released yet on prime. Tidal connectivity is ready now and has been since before covid.

Beatport link is currently in betatest stages

Some other streaming options are on the list of “coming soon” streaming services.

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Ok Thankyou, I’ve seen on YouTube that it had been released


Denon have in fact been advertising wifi streaming of Beatport, Beatsource, Tidal and Soundcloud for over a year now. So far only Tidal is enabled, despite the misleading advertising.

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No one advertised corona I guess

Corona virus wasn’t around when Denon first advertised wifi streaming (in 2019), complete with logos of all four services - Tidal, Soundcloud, Beatport and Beatsource.

But it certainly slowed the whole world down on any “coming soon” promises

Well Denon’s version of “coming soon” is a LOT slower than the rest of the world…

Only in terms of hardware, software, firmware, and casualwear,

I’m not sure about the last one. My Prime 4 T shirt arrived quite quickly. Very expensive socks though.

Since I have never had anything to do with Pioneer, can anyone tell me if they also behave in the same way or are more dynamic?

Usually, when they announce a new product, they also announce that it’s in the stores now. And it is.

Ok, but I was referring to the speed in releasing bugs updates or new features of products already on sale.

I’m pretty sure when they announced Rekordbox 6 recently, it was also available right away. The new features in it were functional too - they didn’t announce four streaming providers and only (eventually) enable one.

I understand what you mean. :joy: :grinning: :wink:

Instead about firmware bugs, what do you tell me? Will they (Pioneer) have their flaws too? Are they resolved quickly or do months have to pass for the update?

I can’t really speak from experience about that. All I know is that my Pioneer equipment has never given me cause for concern.

You may be able to judge from posts on the Pioneer forum, regarding bug fixes.

@DjAj Let’s say that Pioneer is a little faster in running for cover.

The fact is that Pioneer … does not advance technologically now, but reshuffles what it already has to give you a sort of new product that is not new.

On the other hand, let’s say that Denon is light years ahead of Pioneer now, but it should be faster on the software development side, then it would take away all the competitors’ customers.

Pioneer has smartphone/tablet versions of their librarian software, which can be used on the go and synced to the main software. Denon? No.

Pioneer has a recording app which runs on smartphone and used as an audio recorder when plugged into the hardware. Denon? No.

Pioneer has Beatport Link and Beatsource Link enabled. Denon? No.

Pioneer has cloud library management. Denon? No.

So who’s light years ahead? Who’s technologically advanced?

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