I just started using my SC5000 and the search function doesnt work at all

Can anyone explain how this works? is there something i need to do? i connect my usb flash drive. it loads up but when i search nothing comes up. I do see folders and can load up songs and play no problem but in terms of searching this thing is not playing nice at all. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Anthony

Did you read the manual?

You need to use Engine Prime to create a database…

Search is workings after crates created I think. Not sure if works on folders. Sorry I don’t remember this, maybe I am wrong…

As PKtheDj says, run your songs through Engine Prime software, this will create a database on your storage device which can then be searched on your 5000.

I did not read manual :frowning: I will download and do that.

Here the deal you need to analyse your files through the Engine Prime software for proper integration. If you have any usb flash drive hanging around the house, format to FAT32. Then open Engine Prime on your computer create a crate or playlist, add few songs- analyse and properly eject then try the usb stick it should work

I would recommend exFAT over FAT32, especially if you have a large collection as exFAT does not suffer from the file size limitation as FAT32.

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