How to view scrolling waveforms

Hello – Could someone please explain how to view scrolling waveforms on SC5000 display while in controller mode (such as with Serato DJ Pro). Thank you.

That doesn’t depend on Denon but on Serato. In controller mode units are just a box of buttons with display showing whatever the software sends to it. So: deck color, deck logo, track waveform - ask Serato

Wonder how they were able to get scrolling waveform for the 8000, 72, Dashboard, Numarks etc

I’m not saying you are wrong by the way. Serato is probably the culprit.

I think its their HID protocol. For example the CDJ2000NXS2 can display waveform, phase marker etc when used with Traktor HID. I will guess it will be the same when the 5000 get a full Traktor support.

It about what level of support Serato decides to give. All the products you mentioned are official serato hardware made for sdj. Sc5000 is not.

Also, NXS2 has scrolling waveforms in controller mode with Rekordbox DJ, not Traktor (unless I missed a update that added that option?). But yes, I agree you can cound on SC5000 players having same support in third party software as CDJs. Because software developers decide how deep that integration goes.

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Disappointing to learn this unfortunate news for sure, and don’t understand why something as basic as this was missed (especially since their main competitor offers this feature), but thanks for the info. Appreciated. I’ve gone ahead and posted a request for this on Serato’s forum as well as messaged their support team.

No, CDJ don’t have that feature when used with SDJ. Only RekordboxDJ, their own software. Every single feature that you requested here on the Denon forum depends on Serato, not Denon.

And I will repeat a line I heard somewhere: Buying CDJ/SC players just to be used as controllers for software is like paying a hooker for a hug.

Of course, since Denon didn’t bother having linking ability in Engine Prime and Serato doesn’t bother with single deck controllers you basically have no choice.


Depends on the quality of the hug.

Traktor 2.11.3 added scrolling waveforms for NXS2.

Ah, the last version. Thanks for the info, I assumed I might be missing something. People lost Traktor from sight in the last few years (including me) due to lack of progress, hope this new TP3 version will correct that.

Let’s hope that Denon in interested in SC players getting HID support in it, including the waveforms. Considering they locked out non-partnered software developers by disabling midi, chances are not good.

When I said competition offers this feature I was referring to CDJ2KNXS2 running in controller mode with either Rekordbox DJ or Traktor, all competitors of Denon, and as noted in followups here I see.

Also, you are incorrect about “Every single feature that you requested here on the Denon forum depends on Serato, not Denon.” For example, I’ve asked about ability to simply keyword search comments field in both standalone AND controller mode from the SC5000 GUI. Regarding the inquiries I’ve made so far that do require Serato, I’ve already sent those inquiries to Serato after I learned here that’s what needed to be done since it has to do with Serato and not Denon. In other words, there was no way of knowing that beforehand.

Can’t speak for others, but we don’t purchase CDJs or SCs “just to be used as controllers for software”, rather to be used as controllers for software AND as standalone units. It’s very common for different applications to call for different types of usage. YMMV of course.

Are you saying it’s impossible for this feature (scrolling waveforms) to be implemented as an update for SC5000 in controller mode for either Engine Prime or Serato DJ Pro?

No, wanted to say that if you want to have a quality single deck controller for SDJ you basically have no choice but to get a expensive/heavy player and use them in HID mode.

Totally agree. It’s like buying a full size fighter jet, just to sit inside it on the ground and play Microsoft flight simulator.

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Though I get what you’re both saying and agree somewhat I also have to say it depends on your style and workflow.

DJ’s that incorporate many samples into their sets are not in an ideal position using SC5000’s and are more likely to find themselves using the SC5000’s with Serato - Unless Denon DJ come up with their own ‘Sample Bank’ solution be it software based via engine and or hardware based with new equipment to work with the prime series.

Did they really buy/choose the right device for their workflow then? Are people doing any research beforehand? Might be better of with a dedicated SDJ controller.

Most likely that will be the Akai MPC Live in the future. :wink:

Well if you’re assuming that each set they do consists of samples then maybe but perhaps they did plenty of research and are happy to use the sc5000’s in stand alone without samples and when called for a set consisting of many samples they’re happy to use Serato till Denon do anything with MPC or ‘if’ rather.

Hence why the statements about the hardware being used in controller mode is wrong because not everyone has style or workflow similar to you or others so judging others based on how they use their hardware is tedious.

There seems to be a lot of forum DJ snobbery on here …

Ah, gotcha now. Thanks for clarification.

FWIW, I have no issues with cost or weight of dual SC5000 players as dedicated controllers for Serato DJ Pro. Primary reason being that the mixer section, audio section, and sound quality of even the highest end all-in-one controllers are all far inferior to that typically found with high-end standalone rotary mixers IMO. There’s other reasons too for this preference, but that’s the main one. Also IMO, all-in-one controllers do have a few practical uses for certain applications (due to size/weight advantages), but will never use them when/where the higher possible best sound quality is a goal. YMMV.

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My comments have nothing to do with snobbery. If someone feels attacked, it’s probably because they are. Can’t change that.

Anyway, I made a promise that I will refrain from commenting in these public discussions.

If you have a problem or feel the need to attack me then feel free to message me.

I have no problem with telling you anything in private that I haven’t said in public.

If you don’t like that I gave you my opinion on a matter posted on a public forum that you replied to and gave your opinion to then perhaps you need to re-think why you’re on these forums.

I’ll never judge anyone on their DJ style nor how they choose to use their hardware but clearly some users on here do …

Stand alone mode or with Serato it’s still an SC5000 and however the owner uses it is up to them.

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My 2 cent is that is really up to the kind of gig. Some gigs I can use stand alone mode for a long time (on my MCX8000) , it can be dinners which more or less just need background music (one extreme case). If it’s club gig or other high energy occasion, the standalone mode does not suit me well I need VDJ to take care of everything which is going on. I think all of you are right somewhat, since we are all different (which is very fortunate :))

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