How to soft playlists in collection

Hello Can you please tel me how i can sort the order of my different playslist in my collection ? I want alphabetical order. I’m talking about playlist names not the track order in the playlist Thank you

Don´t know if Engine DJ has a sort option for that at the moment. But with lexicon dj (an other library editor) you can. There you also have smart playlists, if you want (it then will be converted to normal playlists, but it is for sorting a real big tool).

You cant afaik do it in engine automatically. BUT if you dont want to pay for lexicon you can in engine drag the playlists into alphabetical order. Time comsuming i know but once done its easy to then just make new playlist and drag it to right place.

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Yes this is what i’ve done because Lexicon is to expensive for my needs. Thank you.


maybe you can ask @Christiaan for a very basic version of lexicon for free. Where you only can add playlists and sort, but nothing more. For my needs it has so many options, and you can allways stop the subscription when you don´t need it … (but when you have played with it, you never will give this tool away). Please ask Christiaan, if he has any idea for your problem.

He is also in our forum.