How to make your crates in Serato Alphabetic

Is there a way to save your crates in Serato alphabetically.

When you start Serato, then the crates are not Alphabetic ?


You either need to use a 3rd party tool such as rekord buddy or can follow these steps.


Oké, thanks for this video. :+1:

You hold this file out off Serato.

Restart serato and everything is in alfabetic order.

Can i close Serato now, and than serato makes a new file in this serato map. ?

Gr. Hennie

The best way to do this if you will be making regular changes is with a Manager software or you will need to do this each time.

Which manager software Is the best for us. is the best way to achieve this.

Is it possible to get licens for one price.

1 for a Windows laptop and 1 for my MacBook Pro.

Sorry you would need to ask them directly.

Close Serato and go to your Serato folder and delete file neworder.pref Start serato and it will re-sort your creates alphabetical.

Thanks for the additional info. 4 years later… :wink:

I’m gonna close this one up.