How to make MC4000 LEDs flash in Traktor just as in Serato?

So that is, I want my transport and other leds flashing, blinking or whatever you call it in Traktor just as they do with Serato, is there a way to do it? Why the default Traktor mapping doesn’t do it?

Yes, if you know how to do remapping in Traktor.

[quote=“pepehouse, post:1, topic:5593,”]Why the default Traktor mapping doesn’t do it? [/quote]

Because each software has it’s own features and mapping posibilities. OEM Traktor mapping for MC4000 is simply done by some person in inMusic with no support from Native Instruments and manufacturers usually do the most basic one, with zero chance of something going wrong. One of the biggest advantages of Traktor is it’s midi mapping abilities that offer you to customize it the way you want so it rarely makes sense for manufacturers to make complex ones.

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Thanks for answering,

I know how to do basic mapping in Traktor but I’d need some help telling me what I have to do specifically to manage the flashing lights a la Serato.

For that I recomment some Traktor specific forum, either DJTT or NI’s own. Or maybe some Traktor mapping wizzard here will chime in.

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Thanks again,

Yeah, there’s probably some mapping already uploaded at djtechtools that does that, didn’t think about it.

Please clarify what you mean by “Transport”. I may be able to help but I would need specifics about what exactly you are looking to do and where you are expecting to see it

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Many thanks for jumping in Brad,

I mean how the play/pause and cue buttons blink/flash when decks are paused just as in this video, that way you have more sense of “something going on” and always know which deck it’s paused and which not without looking at the laptop’s screen.

That’s a good question, I will look into it and see if there is variables in the mapping but don’t hold your breath. I believe this is more of a design difference between Serato and Trakor than some missing map. In Traktor when a deck is playing then the play button lights up solid( at least mine does). When it is not playing it turns off. Cue will only light up if a cue point is set if I remember correctly. If you are not getting any lights at all then that is just a setup issue I can help you resolve. Let me know

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I was trying to post an image of what I see as far as lights on mine but it says new users can not upload images. I have been around the forums for a while but I think it underwent some changes an now I am considered “new”. Oh well, not sure when I am not a new member anymore.

I want to clarify that I still don’t have the controller (should have done it before, my fault) I ordered it but I have to wait till they have stock again, it seems there were no mc4000 left anywere in Europe during the summer.

But I noticed those mapping differences before with my previous mc2000 that I just sold some days ago and always wanted to do something about it but didn’t find any tutorial or even knew if it was possible, I think there’s not much info on the subject and also I’ve been quite busy during last year.

I’ll wait for your finds and also try to research myself a bit now that I’ve got some spare time, many thanks for taking the time for this.

I’m just “member” I don’t know what level that means, I guess is the lowest :slight_smile:

Hey, I just found this, I’ve to try it yet but seems what I’m looking for: