How to keep "green" played tracks after turning off Prime 4

Hi, for an event I will have soon, I need to play in a location, then turn off the Prime 4 , change location and play again. How I can keep “green” the tracks I played in the first place, when I turn on Prime 4 again in the second location? thanks!

Save them to a playlist

They will be in the history, if it goes green it goes in history.

You can literally turn the decks off and play the same exact play list as long as you played enough of the song for it to go green.

Thank you very much for your kind reply! sorry, I think I was not clear in what I need… It is great to know that the played songs are in the history list but… What I want is to avoid playing two times the same song that is in my playlist. When I turn off the prime 4, if I go to my playlist, the “green color” of the songs I played has disappeared. Is there a way to keep the “green color” of the played songs, even after turning off the prime 4? thanks again for your help!!! :slight_smile: