How to analyze files directly in Prime Go and also Engine Prime?

Hi All,

I just got the Prime GO yesterday, and I got to say I have not been this excited to receive something in the mail for a long time!

This is my first time using Denon and I have 2 questions about the advertised on-board track analysis. I have USB with several folders containing music that I analyzed before using it on the Prime GO. The process went like this:

  1. Plug USB into PC and see it show up in Engine Prime
  2. Create new Crates in Engine corresponding to some folders in the USB (I did not create a Crate for all folders)
  3. Ctrl+A music files in the USB folders and drag them into the corresponding Crates
  4. Plug into Prime GO and only see the Crates I created but not the original folders/files in the USB

I have not tried plugging an USB or SD with un-analyzed tracks straight into Prime GO.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to see the other files that I did not first analyze in Engine Prime on the Prime GO?
  2. Is it possible to add new song files to a media device already in use with a Prime GO and see the new files on Prime GO?

I got mine today and I was able to import songs, remove the card, add more songs and put it back into the Go and ad them to the crates. Not sure if that’s what you meant

The Prime GO will only read the generated crates, not the folders. If you wanna see them you have to open via the Folder option. I think it´s last button on the left side. But you will noit see any analyzed information. Just the track name.

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On the screen, it´s the folder symbol. Here is a Tips and Tricks video how to create playlists on the Prime GO

THERE WE GO. Sorry, I completed missed the Folder button.

It’s lots of new things to learn so sometimes your brain get blocked. I’m still waiting for my piece to be delivered. In my part of the world it will be released the first week of July so I have to play around with 5000 and P4. Have fun!

It’s a pretty sweet almost ingenious piece of gear. I do wonder what the P4 is like. Hang in there, you only have a few weeks left!

When I first purchased my x1800/SC5000M set it was like life was fun again. I’ve been around since mid-70’s and going through lots of switching of equipment. Vinyl, then vinyl/CD, CD only and in the begining of 00 gradually Starting with controllers and computers. So now with The Prime gear its fun To play around. The P4 is compact and a delight. A junior version of my main setup. Try it out!

I see we have an experienced DJ among us. I like the form factor of controllers and especially the all in one controllers like Prime GO (which is one of a kind on the market right now). Never had an urge to own larger separate players + mixers but I see it could be useful for practicing for clubs. If I have the chance I will try them for sure.

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