how to add new tracks with out duplicating or starting completely over

im sorry but if im missing something its really not apparent.

-lets say i have a master file with all my music sorted by genre _I run the sync to a hard drive and plug into and connect to prime 4 for mixing

  • i download new music to my master file and want to get it all on my hard drive. _ how the F$#@!@!@ do i get it onto my hard drive with having to A: completely wipe my hard drive clean and re analyze all my tracks or B: not resync and get duplicates of everything.

seriously every time io add new music I either get duplicates or have to completely delete everything from the hard drive and reanalyze it all.

it seems to me there should be an easier way to sync a folder???

am i missing something???

please make this easier

Yup dont use sync. Drag the tracks direct onto prime 4 in the correct place and analyze direct from there. Same as you do on computer just do it on prime 4.

There is no efficient way to update the playlists