How much RAM i do need?

I have recorded a video of what happens to the RAM memory when I connect my hard drive with more than 120000 songs to Engine Dj. I have to have virtual memory activated because if I have it deactivated, windows breaks.

Pc spec???

How much ram have you got in???

What else is running???

I can run 250k tracks on 4gb.ram ( yes its slow but it will run )

8 - 16gb is normal

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Ryzen 9 5900hx 64gb RAM SSD nvme crucial p5 for system SSD nvme Samsung for files RTX 3070 8gb External SSD for music 2tb 122000 files

That’s odd, when I connect my 8tb HD with +200,000 song files I get this…

PC specs: MSI PRO-Z690-A, DDR5 128 GB, RTX 3060 VENTUS 2X 12GB,Intel® Core i9-12900KF

I think there’s more going on with your PC.

Yup either try reinstalling engine. But im suspecting there is more going on wioth.pc that needs sorting not engine relsted

I have deleted the database and I am exporting it from serato. For now it works fine again.