How long to update SC5000 firmware?

I’ve just received my new SC5000 and it shipped with firmware 1.0. I’ve put the latest version onto a USB stick and followed the instructions to update it, and it’s sitting on the startup screen with the computer chip icon at the bottom.

It’s been like for about 15 mins so far, and in that time I’ve updated the firmware on the X1800 using the Windows application with no problem.

I’m nervous about resetting the SC5000 as I know some devices can end up as quite expensive paper weights if they’re interrupted during the update process, but without any kind of progress indicator, it’s difficult to know if it’s actually doing anything.

Any advice?

Hey Bursar,

Sorry for the confusion.

1.0 is not capable of updating via usb stick. You will have to use the computer version. Once you are on the latest, you will be able to update via drive to newer versions.

You can turn it off (by holding the power button for 10 seconds) or you can just connect a USB cable and flash it, as it’s already in the mode.

Thanks - figured it out in the end and used the computer updater to do it.

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