How about remembering that Engine-Lighting was enabled etc

It’ll be one less chore every time I power up my P4

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Is it the most important for you? Any trinkets there?

Not the most important but I think it should be considered as it’s unnecessary repetition and keeping it to myself won’t ever get it addressed will it?

I will say this. After the last software updates, when I start Prime and go to my playlist, I have to change the BPM setting each time and this is important, not the Philips Christmas tree lights.

Mine is now defaulting to vertical waveforms every time since 2.1.1 too, the power on button pressing list is getting rather long :frowning_face:

BTW, I’m using a “proper” DMX lighting setup :smile:

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I would like mine to pack itself away and drive me home so I can have a few beers after the gig. Also it would be nice if they automatically selected the next song perfect and mixed it in perfectly so i could just sit there and dream of something else. HOWEVER… I enjoy doing it the old fashioned way and don’t drink so wouldn’t really benefit me

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