History with 2 sources

Not tried this yet but was wondering… If you play a gig using tracks from 2 USB sources, does the Prime 4 only save the history on each USB for that particular drive? As in the tracks that actually came from that drive?

It saves the History on the drive (Source) that is active at that moment.

So if you play from drive A, its saves the History on that, but if you switch to drive B, it will start to save the History there. And it will not save list of tracks from Tidal to any History.

Thanks for the reply. So if I play half of the tracks from one drive and half from the other, I will have histoty on both but only the tracks that came from the drive that it’s on?

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Yes, that is correct. Only playing from one source shows one history.

I think it comes from this reasoning: Playing back-to-back with another DJ would mean you see track history, while those tracks are not on your stick.

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Yeah, and as the History is playable it would not be beneficial if it showed tracks that wasnt on that particular active drive.

If you have a ‘killer’ night, you can actually go to the History another night and play directly from that History/ list. But if it showed tracks from a second drive that you didnt bring this time, you would have a problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes sense, thanks!!!

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Sadly it is the same for the prep list. I often have a prepared USB stick with only the songs I want to play that night we all know how this works out most likely… You get song wishes all overe the place. So I have to switch to my “big drive” to play them. Would be so cool if at least songs from the prep list could be played without switching device. But I guess it is just not possible like with history on each drive

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