History doesn't show up when streaming from Engine DJ Desktop

Hi, I just played a bit with the latest release v3.0, and while playing switch from streaming to my USB because I lost connection somehow. When I want to see my history, only the item played from my USB showed up. So, I assume that history from streaming is not saved, which is a bummer… I hope this could be fixed, or the streaming feature is loosing some interest for me… Cheers, Pascal

Was there album Art in history?? I can’t remember it’s not showing up? Just wondering if this was always the case or something else to do with the 3,0 update?

Album art has always been missing from History.

Ok, Thank you…

It caught me out too, I thought it was a new bug so filed a bug report about it :sweat_smile:. Fingers crossed it will be added in a future update.

Try the same environment again. Same as when experienced the error…does it happen again…? Interested to know.