Hi, Newbster here, a question relating SC5000 to CDJ?

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions before I purchase. Ive been Djing on and off since early 90’s more off than on! Ive just turned 46 and realised if I want to do anything in life ive gotta do it now!!! anyways Id like to be able to play out and get gigs, I have a pioneer ddj400 which is a starter controller that emulates CDJ’s my first question is, if I go for the SC5000’s will it be an easy transfer onto the CDJ’s which I have never used, the likely hood is that if I get a gig the club will have CDJ’s

2nd question if the motorised vinyl version, would I benefit anything if i am not a scratch DJ? I have come from 1210’s and know how to mix vinyl but never bothered scratching really, would I benefit more from the HD platter or the Vinyl? cheers guys

Personally if you don’t scratch, you don’t need the Ms, but others on here might disagree with me; I scratch on my SC5000s anyway!

The main issue with CDJs to SCs is the format of the files; on the SCs they are great, and there is loads to see on the screen. When you transfer onto the CDJs I can’t get the file structure to look anything like what I have, but that could easily be me. Rekordbox is a faff too, and whilst Engine Prime might not be brilliant, they way RB won’t find the disk if it is in exFat isa real pain. I think the dual users on here tend to have their USBs in Fat32.

Technologically wise, they aren’t much different from SCs in terms of using the jog wheel etc, but like I said, the SCs are just better, so little parts become a big miss.

Thanks Yeltsin, my main concern was operating the CDJ, i.e could I get my head around it in time to perform, hopefully they are very similar to Sc’s? But you have raised another question, importing my Prime prepared files into CDJ’s, what will work and what wont? Jonny

You have to have a Fat32 disk, and use Rekordbox first. Its really counter-intuitive as there is no plug and play at all!! I personally hate the CDJ ecosystem, but I’ve come from actual CDs to Serato to SCs. If I’d learnt the other way it might not bother me as much.

Check here a direct comparison between cdj2000nxs2 and sc5000:


The difference I see between the two players is that pionner has stagnated and Denon is bringing to the market a product with a progression of the future. Both products are very good. I decided to buy the SC5000m because I also started with vinyl and I like the feeling of being able to release the vinyl and not always doing the cue / cue / cue / play. If you are willing to pass your music through both programs (RB and EP) it would be clear.