Hey Denon, about your update 1.3.1

Personally, I am not happy with your list you considered an update. It just bug fixes like you stated in the Release Notes. This software update doesn’t come with any new features or bells and whistles. I believe you failed to hear your users and their concerns or requests. I believe Denon has collected their users concerns and requests but based off your last update, you failed to apply the things your read.

This is my first post on this forum because I know how the routine goes behind the scene, because I work for a well known software that give their users the pie-face on real critical questions. So, I don’t need to chat copy/paste response. I think Denon missed the picture in the dj industry. Pioneer Dj is King of the hardware and Serato is King of the software. Pioneer DJ users love using Pioneer DJ products. It’s a cult like Apple. In addition, Serato users will be hard to peel away and convince Engine Prime is the music management software to use if don’t do frequent updates. I personally witness stories of these issues but I don’t want to post them. It is not necessary.

How did Denon Fail, well I have 2 SC5000 and X1800. I purchased them in December of 2018. Why isn’t there a sample drop function on the software or the hardware? Where is the recorder function to record my mixes but Denon added on Prime 4? This is not a rant, but exposing the failure of Denon. Why do a user that has SC5000 needs to disconnect the media drive or going into computer mode in order to connect to your computer make media music adjustment. Djs always making music adjustments. I think you failed at the sound quality of the SC5000 because there is a compression on the highs htz. I think you failed to get us the users frequent updates. I know you failed to optimize the music management. When I say failed, I mean failed to update what we really need and want (US). I think you failed marketing the SC5000 all types of djs because the unit is set better to EDM djs. I don’t Mix in Key and I don’t know a dj that does. The djs I know (and I know a lot) plays what is hot, so you left out rating display. You failed to update BPM for the unit. Please, this is not a rant but look, if our BPM analyze didn’t properly get the BPM. What do we do? Detach the media and connect back to the pc to manually correct the BPM? You failed to fix the search functions and So on.

Overall, I love my gear and it is great, I use them as my Prime Unit but I have to deal with making adjustment for the shortcomings. Shortcoming examples: for me to record my mixes, I need Serato recorder (so I’m back to Serato-3rd party). On my Mac and the X1800 mixer, channels 9/10 doesn’t work with Audacity (another 3rd party, also. Denon knows about this). And if I want to do Sample drop, well, I’m back to Serato or another 3 party software. I’m making adjustment all over the place. Denon, look, to win me (well you got me) and win other djs over especially, Pioneer and Serato users. You need explain in your next developer meeting this keyword. “Options” got to have better “Options”. Denon needs better software options for their units and the pc/mac. This is the advantage the other dj softwares have over Prime Software, better “Options” also more updates. Metaphor Example; I have an IPhone but Android has better options and that’s why most Android users will not go to Apple. . Denon last update (1.2.2) was October 2018, do you know how many updates Pioneer Rekord Box and Serato Dj have done an update since October 2018?? I dealt with these types of issue with M-Audio (your sister company) about Torq the software long time ago. I know this is caused by your mother company InMusic. InMusic has the developers attention on something else beside Prime Software.

Denon or admin, I’m not looking for some condolence reply about the upcoming software updates or you will pass along my concerns to your developers. I just make adjustment to my gear and knowing you will not do anything soon. Not saying you will not do something but not soon. M-Audio has shown me this behavior, they did nothing at the right time.

Peace Dj56


I feel your pain amigo.

I’m waiting for the BPM improvement that will better cater for multi genre djs like myself.

Let’s keep the faith, they ve got 10m dollars invested…so I’m waiting to see if that will speed up the development of the ecosystem over the next few months.

If it’s still slow, I will definitely be reconsidering things.

As much as I want peace, love and harmony on this forum you sir just wrote a very honest post. Hard to argue with any of this stuff. I’m just keeping fingers crossed that someone can wake the right person up at InMusic so they’ll start making these things happen.

I KNOW nothing is easy within these companies, especially when everyone on every level is spread so thin these days. Everyone works more and harder than the people before us. We have to. Props to the mess that the people behind the scenes are working hard to fix but this gentleman is correct on a lot of his points.

We appreciate this update but how do we still have so far to go this late in the game.

I’ve already said this but please. Give us smaller more timely updates. Let us beta test for you! We are begging for this!! We do NOT want Pioneer to be the only Pro game in town. We are on your side! Denon has amazing hardware here! Let this knew software acquisition we keep hearing about flex its programming muscle.

Again. We are grateful for this update but there are solid, truthful comments here. Can’t ignore them.

Thank you for the things that were fixed but I’m sad for the things that weren’t. BPM is a huge one.

And my knee jerk reaction when this update dropped was it didn’t even warrant a demo from the Denon staff.


Hi @dj56,

Thank you for post. Your message is clear and I understand your frustration because many of the things on your list are also on mine. I do have to disagree in regards to this update being a “failure”, there were many improvements included in this update that users have been asking for, for a long time. Additionally, we are proving our commitment to these products by improving existing workflows and bringing new abilities regularly. It’s impossible to please everyone with every feature release but we really do try our best.

We understand that we have work to do to bring Engine Prime up to current software standards. Which is why we recently restructured and brought in a dedicated team of developers. The 1.3.1 release was in the middle of the transition period so it was a bit risky to take on large feature integration development work. Now that the team is up to speed we will be able to integrate features at much faster rate. Software and hardware updates will both benefit from this very soon.

When you have a moment, please confirm I have your feature requests noted correctly below and I will ensure they are considered for work soon (many already are).

Media Players

  • Built in Sampler
  • Ability to set manual BPM
  • Ability to rate music

Engine Prime

  • Built in Sampler
  • Improved BPM detection

Recording on a media player would not be ideal as you would not receive the full mix post fader. You can however record your mix on a computer over USB channels 9/10, I do this all the time with Ableton. Strange that audacity does not allow for this but I’ll look into it.

Fix search? Could you provide more detail on this comment?

More options? Which specific options would you like to see?

Again, thank you for your feedback. We’re always listening and want to do right by our customers.




Is that in any particular order?

BPM should be priority 1 in my own opinion :level_slider::man_technologist:t5:


No, just in the order in which I read it from the original post. It’s very high on our list.

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I second the BPM option as 1st priority - it is tiresome to correct all HipHop/R&B/Grime tracks, though I guess seeing as I’ve done my entire library I only need to correct new tracks but still, would have been nice not to have spent several weeks going through every single track I own :slight_smile:

Apart from that, v1.3.1 is a sweet update and I’m really enjoying it!

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OK @JonnyXDA but do you use external HDD ?

I think for me it’s definitely

  • Fix BPM

  • Pitch play

  • Record to USB

  • Sampler

  • Rate music

In that order. :slight_smile:

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Options, let me explain the meaning of OPTIONS for Prime Software and what is should be like. OPTIONS should be a choice (you want it or you don’t want). Prime Software shouldn’t be a dj software with limitations and exclusions that don’t help the dj workflow. This is example of dj software OPTIONS:

Prime Software (pc)

  • The OPTION to record your mix so there is no need for 3rd party software
  • The OPTION to trigger sample within the Prime Software
  • The OPTION to auto-connect to X1800 when connected for audio
  • The OPTION to auto-connect to SC5000 without being in controller mode manager your library on the fly.
  • The OPTION to be the dj premier software not just a library manager, but in addition, use the Denon Dj turntables as a DVS along with the DS1
  • The OPTION change the BPM functions, to a two digits .00 instead 3 digits .000 decimal
  • The OPTION change the BPM increment movement to go faster (wow)
  • The OPTION to analyze every track in your collection at one time by right clicking on “Collection” and it show say “Analyze All”
  • The OPTION to have a backup Meta file folder
  • The OPTION to make Prime Software HID to their Denon’s hardwares only
  • The OPTION to change the color of the track waves
  • The OPTION to stop the music library from resorting around when editing song name tag (this one kills me).
  • The OPTION to export sounds to an external media drive with the same tag settings.
  • The OPTION to see to total of tracks not analyzed.

By adding these OPTIONS, Denon has eliminated the use of a 3rd party software and fully integrated their mainline hardwares to the Prime Software. In addition, future hardwares can be added to the software.

Do you get my point about OPTION or do you need to me create and expound an OPTION list about the SC5000?

What so funny is, Denon DJ is trying to attract djs from softwares that have these OPTIONS in applications. Your team has a promotional fight on their hands.

In advance, yes I have recently did the update for the Prime Software, SC5000, and X1800.


Thanks for clarifying. I understand your point but some of your bullets above are features and not options. Options are various settings within a Utility or Preference menu that allow you to customize the product to your specific workflow. That is why I asked the question in the first place. I want to better understand what it is you’re looking for.

We never want to limit your ability, but you need to understand that Engine Prime is a fairly new application in the DJ world. We have a mountain of improvements and features we will be bringing in over time. In fact to help with this, I am currently creating a designated feature request area that will help us identify the most desired features and shortcomings.


I was waiting for the high frequency rolloff/ compression fix. Firmware says it’s been corrected but it sounds the same way to me. Anyone did a full test? I’m still using Serato Dj with the Prime series. Serato sounds much better.

Definitely corrected in firmware but can still be improved.

Yeah haha some couldn’t notice the high end roll off anyway :smile: :smile:

It’s definately a lot better after the update, for those who noticed anything rolly-offy in the first place :wink:

I guess if you have nothing to compare it to or have the proper means of testing, most won’t notice.

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I was about to sell this whole Prime set up but then the update came out. More bells and whistles. Maybe one day I can actually hear them.


Agree with this statement when related to new features but not when it relates to features that are already quite well developed in the DJ world

Tesla is a also a fairly new car brand however they did manage to build in Airco and Safetybelts from day 1 and both are working as they should be…….



The few times I used the OG Engine 1.5 it was able to calculate proper BPM.

Anyways next update is summer 2019 yeah…we wait again.

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I use audacity all the time to record with my x1800 and computer. If it doesn’t work you have to make sure everything is set to the same khz for example: 44.1 khz is default in audacity. On your computer it is under “sounds” in the recording tab advanced options for the recording device which is line 9/10. Sorry for the rough explanation, but it might help someone.

I have to reset this everytime the mixer is reconnected to the pc or shut down. Its a non-issue though. Have a good day.